April 18, 2024

When Tallulah Comes Knocking!

When Tallulah Comes Knocking!
When Tallulah Comes Knocking!
The QPO had a visitor yesterday!
She comes around occasionally – usually when the retreat house is empty and there isn’t a lot going on over there.  No one to put on a show in exchange for kitty treats.
Tula Tallulah Lou will often take up residence under my car (I am always very cautious to make sure she isn’t under there when I start my engine.) just watching – because she KNOWS I am in there.
Yesterday though –

When Tallulah Comes Knocking!
We had temps in the 70s and I had opened windows and left open the back door when I saw her sneaking around just to see what she would do.
Would she come in? Or stay out?
I put out a few treats – Yeah, sorry, Tula – those were dog treats I know and not as good as the kitty treats, but it was all I had on hand there.
She came in a bit, wandered around – but when I shut the door to see what she would do if I kept her inside – she freaked.  
I caved and opened the door and out she went.
Still – it was a first.  She knows I am not a threat.  She comes into the garage when I fix her food every morning. We’ve got quite the routine.  But this QPO thing…she still isn’t sure.
I’d love it if she would find a comfy spot and curl up for a nap while I worked, but we are a long way off from that yet.

When Tallulah Comes Knocking!
Twho hales ready to stitch together!
Click to Play:

I did get the top together!

When Tallulah Comes Knocking!
That last seam joining the two halves was taken with much satisfaction.
When Tallulah Comes Knocking!
And just in case you are wondering – YES.  I did use Y2K fabric in here.  It just never goes away.

When Tallulah Comes Knocking!
Then came the trimming up.
And I had a bit of a slippage of the ruler accident, trimming things closer in one spot than I intended to.  That binding is going to nip off a bit of points in one spot.
But I am NOT fixing it.  It is a scrap quilt.  It’s part of the story.  It’s not about perfection – it never was.
At any rate – when doing trimming of this kind I use a SMALL ruler.  I’m only going point to point and I can easily move a small ruler where a larger one is unwieldy.  Use the right size of tool for the job.

When Tallulah Comes Knocking!
Victory lap taken!

When Tallulah Comes Knocking!
From the depths of the stash – 2007?
That’s not “THAT” much older than the Y2K fabric! LOL!  It’s a weird sort of peachy pink that never went with anything.  It must have been on deep discount because I had 6 yards – big enough to back the whole quilt without going scrappy.
Done deal.
Today I’ll get it mounted in the long arm and start in on the quilting.
The block pattern for Square Pegs is found in my Addicted to Scraps Column in the July/Aug 2022 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine. Digital copies are available.
The full PDF pattern for my Square Pegs quilt will be available later this summer.  Stay tuned.

When Tallulah Comes Knocking!
7:30 am???  What is the retired man doing?
Someone give this man a real job because he is making me feel guilty about not cleaning and vacuuming behind the washer and dryer myself.
What’s next?  Behind the fridge?
I think I’ll let him.  LOL!
So all of yesterday was spent assembling the Square Pegs top.  Other than a few things I did at the inn, I didn’t leave the retreat premises until dinner time.
I’m kind of expecting the same thing today.  Which is fine by me!
How are things shaping up for your Wednesday, wherever you are?
When Tallulah Comes Knocking!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
Family is not only an important thing, it’s everything.
And that goes for the family we choose to make as well.
Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

When Tallulah Comes Knocking!