October 24, 2020

When Quilting Can Wait –

When Quilting Can Wait -
When Quilting Can Wait -
If I get just a couple passes of quilting in the Nearly Lemoyne quilt, could it count as job done for the day?
The weather was just too perfect for late October to stay indoors.  There is rain on the horizon – but yesterday – oh, yesterday!
The day just BEGGED for me to leave the QPO behind and head up to Grayson Highlands for some hiking and pony seeking.

When Quilting Can Wait -

Even as things begin to just look “tired” there is so much beauty!
And I love that there is still green.
I am soaking up as much green as I can, as green is one color that I really miss during the bleakest grey days of winter.

When Quilting Can Wait -
I don’t always see the ponies.
And I am always wondering where they might be grazing, if there were to be any.  
Yesterday, Zoey and I were lucky enough to spot five.
In talking to other hikers, asking them as they were coming down and we were going up, if they had seen any and taking directions – we still know that they are moving targets.
Some hikers said eight – including a new foal, but they move.  Like lawn mowers.  LOL!

When Quilting Can Wait -
Shaggy winter coats are beginning to grow in!

When Quilting Can Wait -
Sometimes you have to back away from the main focus to get the best view!

When Quilting Can Wait -

And don’t forget to observe the beauty of a leafless tree.
Even the lichen on this one was just gorgeous in the sunlight.
Nature knows how to do it best!

When Quilting Can Wait -

Pony number 3 on our way back down.

When Quilting Can Wait -
Number 4 with number 3 in the background.
Not sure if that poised rear hoof is a warning or not!
We kept our distance.

When Quilting Can Wait -
Number 5!  With gorgeous coloring.

When Quilting Can Wait -
I love it when the trails are leaf-carpeted!
The fragrance of fall was heavenly.

When Quilting Can Wait -
And some wild flowers are still blooming!

When Quilting Can Wait -
And sometimes – the view off your front porch back home is just as pretty!
As the leaves clear out, I can now see the long range ridges in the distance.  My winter sunrises are enjoyed from this vantage point.  Soon.  Soon things will be open enough to enjoy those sunrises once again.
When Quilting Can Wait -
I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers!
(Anne of Green Gables)

When Quilting Can Wait -
Last night’s moonglow.
By the end of it all, I was no good for stitching.  Maybe my callouses deserved a break too.
And I slept 10 hours!  That never happens.  It was nearly 8am when I awoke this morning, missing that sunrise.  I must have needed it.
Several folks have asked why they hadn’t seen photos of Zoey in a while.  I don’t know why!  Maybe because we have settled into living, not photo taking.
But here is one for you:

When Quilting Can Wait -
Zoey’s favorite new toy –
A traveling head rest.  LOL!
You should see her trying to kill the thing!
It’s now her best new toy – until the day when she shreds it and scatters the stuffing all over the house like she did the exploding pet bed a few weeks back.
(Goodwill’s loss is Zoey’s gain!)
Silly girl!
It looks like a lazy Saturday ahead – not much planned but to work on some things here and there.  I’m not feeling the need to go headstrong into anything today.
Shall we just simply enjoy this weekend together?
When Quilting Can Wait -

Wonderful finish, Melody!
I love this pattern. Thanks so much. It was fun to make. Happy autumn, my favorite season too.”
When Quilting Can Wait -
Corrie sent in TWO photos!
Don’t you love this photo shoot??
Here is my Appalachian autumn quilt! Love it! And I also made a small topper for my sister, so much fun!”

When Quilting Can Wait -
How fun with the purple/blue background!
Truly, seeing your finishes and being able to share them with my readers has been the best part of October!
There is still time to make your OWN Appalachian Autumn quilt!
When Quilting Can Wait -

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
The journey may be difficult. It may be downright hard and you have to stop and catch your breath.
But if it brings you joy keep moving forward!
Scrappy Mountain Majesties quilt in recycled shirt fabrics – Pattern found under the Free Patterns tab  at the top of the blog!
Have a wonderful Saturday, whatever you get up to!

When Quilting Can Wait -