November 19, 2020

When Friends Come Quilting!

When Friends Come Quilting!
When Friends Come Quilting!
Simple quilts bring so much joy!
A couple of weeks ago my friend Martha was struck by a compulsive desire to stop EVERYTHING and make a snuggle quilt from the scraps of other items she has made for her 4 year old granddaughter.
If you’ve felt that kind of “Drop everything, I have to do this RIGHT NOW!” kind of compulsion – raise your hand!
We were chatting, and I said – you don’t need anything fancy for a 4 year old.  They are not about the intricacies of the pattern, the size of the pieces or the overall appearance.  They are about the colors, and the novelties and other prints included that capture their fancy and imagination.
Martha decided that a simple nine patch would more than suffice, and she headed to her Scrap User’s System – something she has just recently implemented and discovered the true benefits of – and simply pulled 2 1/2” strips for some scrappy and colorful blocks.

In true scrap-lover’s fashion, and during a pandemic when you can’t just run out to to the store (And the nearest quilt shop is an hour away) to find a setting fabric – she combined a couple of different yellow golds as background to tie everything together.
When Friends Come Quilting!
All of the things loved by a 4 year old!
It was fun having Martha explain to me that “I made her a dress out of this fabric, and she loves to twirl in it!” and “I made her clothes for a stuffed bunny out of this fabric”  and have all of these wonderful scraps come to play in such a marvelous simple quilt.
We chose to quilt it in an edge-to-edge design called Orange Blossom.  Super girly!  And quilted to death to survive many tea parties and many more washings.
When Friends Come Quilting!
While all of this was going on –
And Martha was minding the long arm –
I was dealing with incoming packages and outgoing mail order!

When Friends Come Quilting!
This little lovely for Quiltville Inn came from Mary!
The box had no return address, and there was no email or address inside – just a simple note.  
Mary – I hope you see this!  I love this so much, and have a perfect spot for it in the upstairs front landing.  Your kindness made my day! (Along with copious amounts of quilting!)

When Friends Come Quilting!
As the afternoon light ran out, we hurried to get binding on!

When Friends Come Quilting!

Martha is standing in front of my big picture window and you can see that daylight has left us, and darkness has taken over.
How many days until the Solstice when it starts getting lighter for longer?  
I love my early morning sunrises, but the dark at 5pm just slays me.
On a side note – I caught ONE update from Martha on her instagram that the hand stitching of the binding hand commenced.  “YOU GO GIRL!” was my thought as I headed off to bed.
This morning?  Another update that she had finished that binding before she went to bed.
Never underestimate the power of a woman determined to finish a quilt for a 4 year old!
And today – we get to do it all again.
My friend Mona has been “self quarantining” at home as well so she can bring up a couple of quilt tops that need to be quilted before Christmas.
I haven’t seen Mona in a long time either – and we will do what we have to do to be able to get these quilts done in time.
She has a new grandbaby (A BOY!) due to arrive just a few days before Christmas.  We will be loading his baby quilt today, and seeing if there is enough time to throw another one on the machine after.
My house is a wreck.  The floors need vacuuming and mopping.  Things are covered with dust.  The bathrooms really need a going over.  But my friend is going to have to accept me as I am because there are just not enough hours in the day lately.
But somehow I know that true friends get that – and time spent together is far more important than a dust free house.
Did you see that we have a Quilty Box gift-away going on right now?  You’ll find the details and the place to enter on Yesterday’s Post.  Drawing to happen on Monday! And it’s a great one – the fabrics are luscious!
When Friends Come Quilting!

Have you started yours yet?  Yes, you can have watermelons and Girl Scout cookies in a Christmas table runner!  I also spy a bit of St Patrick’s Day shamrocks – I’m an equal opportunity scrap user.
When Friends Come Quilting!

I really want to make another one in blue!
How do you plan to spend your Thursday?
One week from TOMORROW  is Black Friday!  Ooooh – getting so excited for our Grassy Creek Mystery to begin in earnest!
When Friends Come Quilting!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
As we get closer to the holidays and fully recognize how different things are this year, I thought this was appropriate.
Ironic but true! It takes change beyond our control to appreciate what was in front of us all along.⁣
What are you doing differently for Thanksgiving this year?⁣
For us, the turkey has been put on hold and we are opting for steaks on the grill. Of course, there will still be pie!
When Friends Come Quilting!