February 18, 2021

Well THIS is interesting!

Well THIS is interesting!
Well THIS is interesting!

Freezing rain set in about midnight last night – I heard it overhead.
It’s usually a pleasant sound, rain hitting the metal roof of the cabin –
And all through the night the power stayed on.
I even crawled back into bed after getting up around 5am, sinking myself back into the warm spot left by my body under 3 quilts.
At 7am the generator kicked on.  We’d lost power.
Loss of power in these parts is usually not a HUGE deal – we have a full cabin generator and a 500 gallon propane tank.
Only – we’ve had propane on order for 2 weeks and due to the road conditions and high demand with extreme weather conditions, they didn’t make it up the hill (Remember my steep drive?) to top us off.
The propane folks said they’d try to get around to us yesterday – but they didn’t.
And now the propane tank at the cabin is nearly running on fumes.
If we run out of propane here at the cabin, we’ll be heading to Quiltville Inn where there is plenty of propane, and heat – and hopefully power.
If the power goes out there, we’ll still be able to cook and have heat.
We are playing the waiting game.
Well THIS is interesting!

And since I want something happy to post – here is Lola on top of the Spider Man panel I was turning in to a backing for Casden’s denim quilt yesterday.