February 22, 2021

Weekend? What Weekend?

Weekend? What Weekend?
Weekend? What Weekend?
Does this look like we were packing for a picnic?
We weren’t – we were bugging out and heading over to Quiltville Inn to wait for Monday’s propane truck arrival –
I mentioned a couple of days ago that the propane tank to the cabin was dangerously close to running on fumes.⁣
Saturday afternoon when I came back from working at the QPO I was told by the hubster that the time for bugging out and staying at Quiltville Inn until the tank could be filled on Monday had come – We were under 12٪ and with temps in the teens overnight, and barely getting above freezing during the day we were likely to run out that night.⁣
We packed food for 3 days just in case. We packed clothes, and pet supplies. I headed over ahead of the Hubster and Zoey to turn the upstairs thermostat and the gas fireplace in the Hen Den up to a comfortable level and started unpacking the food, making beds, getting things ready for us to stay. (I was really kind of enjoying it to be honest!)⁣
Weekend? What Weekend?
String Spider Web from the Free Patterns tab!
⁣I had no sooner finished when I received a call to come home – that the propane truck had rumbled up the steep drive to the cabin not long after I had left and filled us back to full.⁣
But I had just unpacked! I was ready to cook and EVERYTHING!⁣
I did pack it all back up. Put it all back in the van. And headed home. Like a Yo-yo!⁣
(How many of you remember that song from the Osmonds in the 70s?!)⁣
But that bed I made at the inn may just get napped in this coming week, just because!
The little girl inside of me really wanted to sleep in that white iron bed – while Zoey and The Hubster took the full sized bed in bedroom 5. There is no way all three of us would fit in a full size. LOL!

Weekend? What Weekend?
Having a full propane tank is a wonderful thing!
And it makes me feel so much more for the folks in Texas still shoveling out (and boiling water) from last week’s winter disaster.
I know we skirted this out-of-gas disaster by mere margins.  The fact they had a truck come here Saturday (Because he was in the area) instead of our appointed MONDAY time slot was nothing short of a miracle for us.
And to have Quiltville Inn a mere 7 miles up the road with plenty of heat and propane is another blessing.
Another blessing – while at the inn, I opened the door to the laundry room and found water on the floor.
Not in the pan that is under the washer – but oozing out from UNDER the pan on the floor.
This became YESTERDAY’s job – it turns out that it was coming from the connection in the wall behind the washer/dryer – and when I unscrewed the couplet attaching the hose to the spigot – I found that the couplet had rusted, and there was NO GASKET in that end of the hose!
This meant a run to Lowes yesterday morning for plumbing supplies – gaskets, and thread tape and some other needed things.
It was an easy fix – but let’s face it.  If I hadn’t been there on the “Great bug out of 2021 that didn’t happen.” I wouldn’t have found the leak.  It could have been a couple of weeks or more until I found that puddle in the laundry room.
Small miracles surround us everywhere.  It all depends on how you choose to look at the situation.

Weekend? What Weekend?
In the in between time – I sewed.
I sewed and I sewed and I sewed!

Weekend? What Weekend?
I pressed and de-dog-eared and sewed some more.
By my own calculations there will be more photos of triangle productivity as I am only about 1/2 way done constructing the number of triangles I need for the “whittle down the blue strips” project.
Once the triangles are made, the rest should come along quite quickly.  And I am having fun watching that drawer of blue strips close just a bit easier each time I cut up a batch.
For those who are asking – I don’t use my Accuquilt studio for everything.  Sometimes it is easier to grab the rotary cutter and ruler to trim up a scrap left from something else, rather than wait for a whole big batch to be trimmed down by Accuquilt.
I am NOT using the Accuquilt to cut my half-square triangles. I would need wider strips to do that, leaving some margin around the shape on the die, and these are already cut to width.
It’s Essential Triangle Tool all the way for me.  But of course, you can use any method you choose to make your triangle units.  The sizes will be given in the pattern when it is time.
Weekend? What Weekend?
These two kept us quite entertained!
Here Ivy is giving Zoey a pawdicure.  LOL!

Weekend? What Weekend?
Last night’s binding escapades.

Weekend? What Weekend?
It’s getting there!
And that zig zag stripe is just the bomb as binding!
I’m going to definitely have a tough time hanging on to this quilt until Casden’s birthday.  I just know he is going to love it!
And I do believe that catches us up for our weekend of run-around.  How are things where you are?  Have we turned the corner on this winter yet?
Weekend? What Weekend?

Less than one week left!
Good through February 28th – ALL digital patterns in the Quiltville Store are 25% off  using coupon code DIGITAL25 at checkout!
Coupon code must be used at purchase for discount to take effect – be sure you click REDEEM YOUR COUPON, place the code in the coupon box and hit apply before checking out.  No refunds if you forget, okay?
The store has been BUSY over the weekend, so I’ll be jumping over to the QPO studio in just a bit to get my Monday going.
I am looking forward to some things I have going on.  How about you?
Weekend? What Weekend?

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
Vintage applique quilt found in North Carolina.
The pursuit of perfection is crazy making!
Let’s keep life real!
Weekend? What Weekend?