March 22, 2023

True Confessions of a Scrapaholic –

True Confessions of a Scrapaholic -
True Confessions of a Scrapaholic -
It’s March.  And when March rolls around, it’s time for some Instagram fun with #IGQuiltFest put on by Amy of @Amyscreativeside.
Every day comes with a prompt.  Some of them fun, pulling instant entertaining responses from all participating.
Some thoughtful – asking things like “Why Do You Quilt?”  This you have to really think hard on, look deep inside to find what resonates.
The most fun is flipping through the hashtags at #igquiltfest2023 and meeting new folks, seeing different perspectives, and connecting with unknown people from around the globe.

Yesterday was about stash – how we store our stashes to make them useable for us.

I didn’t have time to clean everything up – and I just started taking photos and explaining –
This can also bring about feelings of guilt, shame, fear of judgement.
The top photo of this post – I just flung open the doors of the stash cabinet, and without straightening anything took a photo.
And yes, there are often piles and parts of projects in progress on every surface. I can’t create if I am worried about keeping things perfectly clean and organized at all times. ⁣
In my world “Cleanliness is where creativity goes to die!”
Project bins on top.  Stash sorted mostly by color -looking “not too bad”
But the truth is that there are bins tucked everywhere, both here, at home at the cabin, and also in the garage at the inn of things that didn’t fit the cabinets, and weren’t things I wanted in the cabinets, but are still on hand for future projects.
In fact – that is what I spent Sunday doing – rearranging at the inn garage so everything was in view and I reconnected with what I had.
Not shown in this photo are also the big bins of strings sorted by color that I keep under the long arm waiting for the right string project to come along.
No guilt.  I paid for that fabric down to the last bit, and I will use it. When the time is right.