November 20, 2020

Thursday, Full of Scraps & Strings!

Thursday, Full of Scraps & Strings!
Thursday, Full of Scraps & Strings!
Lola!  In the middle of everything!
Yesterday held so much promise – sun was shining, and though on the cold side, the wind was not howling – and that is a very good thing in these parts.
I had a good handle on the outgoing mail (There are still some Simple Folded Corners rulers and Simple Folded Corners Minis in stock, but going fast!  More on on their way.) by the time my friend Mona pulled up the drive next to the QPO.
It had been SO LONG since we have had quilting time together.
And for those wondering if you really CAN self-quarantine for 14 days so quilting can happen – yes you can.  It just depends on what you want and how bad you want it, including how badly you want to keep your friend safe from YOU!

Thursday, Full of Scraps & Strings!
Masked quilting can happen!
I, however was having one of “THOSE” days – where so many things went belly up all we could do was laugh.
Mishap #1: We decided to load two quilts at once to save time, quilting Mona’s Appalachian Autumn quilt first, with enough wide backing  to follow with a second quilt for her new grand-son-to-be using the same backing and batting.
And all would have gone swimmingly if I had noticed that row 3 on the quilting design foe Appalachian Autumn was not nesting correctly.  It wasn’t.  It didn’t.  And we needed to remove that row of stitching.
With that much un-quilting better saved for evening time – we advanced the quilt beyond where the first quilt would end, but needing to leave enough margin for removing so it could be remounted later, basted the baby quilt in place and marched merrily along –
Only to find we didn’t have enough backing fabric  toward the end of the baby quilt!  OH NO!
You have to laugh – because you just can’t cry.
The whole shebang came out of the machine.  We cut off the Appalachian Autumn quilt, added more backing to the bottom of the baby quilt, reloaded the baby quilt – and finished that one up.
Bad things come in 3s right?  RIGHT.  That 3rd bad thing is still on-going as Mona is working to unstitch that misplaced row even now as I sit here and type up this post.  She worked at unstitching it last night between dinner and bedtime.  And I feel so bad that I didn’t notice that the row was offset. 

Thursday, Full of Scraps & Strings!
And Lola slept through it all!

Thursday, Full of Scraps & Strings!
While the good quilting continued and everything was moving ahead in the right direction I worked on some string piecing in blue –
Thursday, Full of Scraps & Strings!
And Mona set in to quilt last year’s Shoo Fly Shoo Leader & Ender challenge!
This one is for her granddaughter Carmen for Christmas this year – and the blocks are so fun!  
Thursday, Full of Scraps & Strings!
Pastel variegated thread for the win!

Thursday, Full of Scraps & Strings!
Use THIS neutral, Mama!
Lola is so funny – she has to reach out her paw and touch things.  In the case of petting the fabric, I completely understand!

Thursday, Full of Scraps & Strings!

Row 1 done!

Thursday, Full of Scraps & Strings!

And this is where I left the “Blue Spruce” version of Pine Tree Point when it was time to go home for dinner!
**Note** For those who downloaded their Pine Tree Point pattern before Wednesday morning, 11/18.  Remaking the blocks has pointed me to a typo I have corrected for future downloads.
For the tree base row 5 – cut the background rectangles 3” x 4 1/4”.  I had originally planned on a tree trunk from a 2 1/2” wide rectangle, but it was too fat.  When I skinnied the trunk down, I needed to add a bit more to the background rectangles.  I didn’t catch what I did in my pattern notes when typing up the instructions for row 5.  If you do them as written before pattern correction, you will be 1/2” short in the length of your row 5.  Mistakes happen.  I thank you for your patience and understanding.  Pencil in the correct size of 3” x 4 1/4” on your pattern.
If you have downloaded your pattern from Wednesday 11/18/2020 on, you should have the updated info on your pattern.
I have added this info to the Errata page for those who downloaded the earlier versions.
You’ll find the PDF pattern for Pine Tree Point, including both the lap size and the runner in the Digital Patterns section of the Quiltville Store. The pattern is priced at 25% off through Saturday. After that it goes from $9.00 to $12.00 so hurry!
Did you get your entry in yet?  It’s a fantabulous box!  We’ll be drawing for our winner on Monday Morning.
Our plan today?  We need to finish the Shoo Fly Shoo quilt that is in the machine, and then Mona’s Frolic (I believe!) needs to have a backing pieced and then it is next up in the quilting marathon.
There will be 3 quilts to apply binding to.
Why so many quilts at once?
Because we prepared and planned in advance to do this safely so we could kick them out in rapid succession before the holidays.
Baby grandson is due to arrive around December 20th – that’s only a month away.  Right at Christmastime.
Mona will be going up to Ohio to assist her daughter, and many bindings will keep her hands busy while she is doing what new grandmas do.
As for me – row 4 and 5 will go on my trees, and then some more piecing of blue strings to complete the borders for this runner.
What’s ahead for your Friday?
Thursday, Full of Scraps & Strings!
Quiltville Quote of the Day –
There is no reason to ever be bored! Boredom is a choice. ⁣
And there are too many quilts to make and too many other things to do to even consider that a possibility!
What is boredom breaker for you these days?
How about joining in on our Quiltville Winter Mystery, Grassy Creek starting with clue number 1 on Black Friday! (ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!)
Have a wonderful Friday!
Thursday, Full of Scraps & Strings!