October 7, 2022

Susan’s Quilters – In The House!

Susan's Quilters - In The House!
Susan's Quilters - In The House!
Say hello to these friendly faces (and others not in this photo!)
Where else do you find quilters not only examining blocks on the wall – but the plethora of phones pulled out to check out the quilt photos on the phones too while we are at it?
Technology and quilting – a match made in quilty heaven!
Susan’s Quilters have returned for their second retreat at Quiltville Inn, and I am thrilled to have them back joined by some new faces.
It’s like homecoming – and this week, THEY are doing all the cooking!

Yesterday I arrived at breakfast time to all of the yummy smells and kitchen sounds – sewing machines were also already running, with voices coming from various corners –

Upon walking out onto the porch, I saw THIS – Leaves falling in the breeze like rain!
It’s kind of like glitter! It’s magical! Until you have to clean it up!
Susan's Quilters - In The House!
Now that the leaves are beginning to thin out, the old wool mill becomes more visible in the side yard.

Susan's Quilters - In The House!
Some impromptu show & share happened!
Retreats are like that – and I love it!
Boxy Bow Ties with a fantastic orange border!  It looks GREAT! 
Susan's Quilters - In The House!
It just sparkles!
Susan's Quilters - In The House!
So many projects, so much inspiration!

Susan's Quilters - In The House!
Country Roads quilt from shirt plaids!
Perfect for fall!

Susan's Quilters - In The House!
There are several quilts of valor type projects going on –
Susan's Quilters - In The House!
This is coming along nicely!

Susan's Quilters - In The House!

Gorgeous brights in batik!

Susan's Quilters - In The House!

Susan's Quilters - In The House!

Paper piecing projects are great for retreat – we don’t have to think so hard as long as the piece we are adding is BIGGER than the space it will cover on the paper foundation. 
Sew first, trim second! Win/Win!
Susan's Quilters - In The House!
The dogs are also finding themselves just a wee bit spoiled by a couple of snack-pack gifts.  Thank you!
Yesterday was also a day for  a wonderful visit from my friend Sally – she drove over from Roanoke!
And I was so happily spending time with her that I didn’t even stop to take pictures.
Yes – I got pictures of dog treats, but not of my friend Sally or her quilts?  What kind of friend am I?
Maybe one who wants to just enjoy some time out from behind the camera lens and into real life.
Susan's Quilters - In The House!
When I got home I found The Hubster had installed more LED Motion Sensor Lights to help with stairwell darkness at the cabin. 
These are the stairs I first fell down last year – requiring us to put Clear Anti-Slip Grip Strips on the stairs both at home and at the inn. (affiliate links. Thank you!)
We have also had the LED Motion Sensor Lights on the stairwells at the inn, but after I have missed the bottom step (Thinking I was already on the bottom main floor at the time, but was in fact one step up) we decided to install these here too.
What a difference!
Whether it is all attributed to aging, to dealing with progressive bifocals that can make things a bit screwy vision-wise, or now having a bum foot that still struggles with being steady on stairs – these are things that I consider a GIFT in my day to day life.
The LED Motion Sensor Lights only come on in the darkness when motion is detected.
Each light takes 3 AAA batteries, so we bought two sets of rechargeables so when one set starts to go we can switch them out for a recharged batch.  Charges have been lasting us about a month to 6 weeks.
Susan's Quilters - In The House!

Last night’s hand quilting –
Ready to turn another corner!
Susan's Quilters - In The House!
And of course you saw that this week was the pattern release for Ditch Lilies!
WOW!  Just WOW!  I am so thrilled that you are liking this quilt!

If you love bear paw units, blocks that chain, and log cabin blocks – this is the quilt for you!
On the gift-away post you’ll find a google docs form.  Just put in your name and email address.  The only thing it doesn’t do is tally the total number of entries we’ve had so that you can see – but I can on a spreadsheet.  As of this morning there are over 2300 entries!
Please only enter once.
Such a great way to enhance your own stash of yummy oranges!

Summer Sunshine!

Ditch Lilies has been added to the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Store

The introductory price has been marked 25% off – no coupon needed.  Sale price good through 9/30/22.

Scrappy Summer Blossoms in sunshine colors from your scrap stash! Easy to follow instructions, full color photos and graphics to guide you from beginning to binding!

Quilt Size: 90’’ X 90’’

Optional but helpful: Bonnie K. Hunter’s Essential Triangle Tool and either the Simple folded Corners ruler, or the Simple Folded Corners Mini.

Traditional rotary cutting methods are given for those who don’t have access to these rulers.

And don’t forget that Appalachian Autumn is ALSO on sale at 25% off through 9/30/22!  Hurry and save on both!

Susan's Quilters - In The House!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –

I believe this with every fiber of my being, and it is simple as starting right now. 

Starting with a hair cut today! Hooray!

What’s on your plate for today making you happy?

Happy Friday, everyone!

Susan's Quilters - In The House!

Susan's Quilters - In The House!  Susan's Quilters - In The House!  Susan's Quilters - In The House!  Susan's Quilters - In The House!  Susan's Quilters - In The House!