December 9, 2021

Stuff the Attic, Not the Turkey!

Stuff the Attic, Not the Turkey!
Stuff the Attic, Not the Turkey!
Happy Thanksgiving, Quiltvillians!
I’m sharing this morning’s sunrise with you – isn’t it beautiful?
Today I am reflecting on the wise words of Tecumseh:
“When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself.”
There are no stuffed turkeys cooking in my oven this year!
It seems less and less important to cook huge meals for small amounts of people (This year there are just three of us.) and more important to spend the time enjoying each other instead of slaving away in the kitchen making too much food.
So this year – we have plans to join other locals at our community hub – Corner Market Cafe – and leave the cooking to someone else, while we STUFF the attic with more insulation!
Stuff the Attic, Not the Turkey!

Someone said on Facebook yesterday  “You should do that by tractor” and I’m replying “Honey, you have no idea the ground slant, and other obstacles we have to deal with close to the house!
The tractor is not at the retreat – it’s 7 miles away on the mountain.
We do not have a fork lift attachment that will reach up this high – the house is effectively 4 stories tall in parts -first the brick foundation, then the ground floor, then the second floor, then the attic and upper turret space.  
Show me a tractor that could reach this high, on this narrow slip of flat ground before the sharp slope down and we’ll talk.  But for now – this is how we got this job to where we rested yesterday.
And it was done in less time than it would have taken to load the tractor on to the trailer, drive it 7 miles, unload it and try to attempt the impossible.

Stuff the Attic, Not the Turkey!
Up they go!
I stayed below, lassoing the bales with the rope, lifting them as far as I could as the rope took over and got them the rest of the way on to the roof, heaved up by the Hubster.
The bales weigh in at about 30 to 35 lbs each.

Stuff the Attic, Not the Turkey!
When all were up on the roof, I came upstairs where they were handed to me through one of the turret windows and were carried and stacked in the upstairs landing.

Stuff the Attic, Not the Turkey!
Ready for today’s round of “stuff the attic!”
Son Jeff is already on his way.  The menfolk will take over from here using a rented machine to blow the insulation into the attic.
Yes, there are masks, gloves, long sleeves, and protective eyewear at hand.  Safety first!
And yes, we are doing this ON Thanksgiving because it is a multiple person job, and Jeff’s help is needed.  This has to happen on a day when he is off work.  That’s today.
And we will celebrate by joining friends and neighbors to celebrate our Thanksgiving with a feast at Corner Market.
Hopefully after that there will be naps!  And maybe some movie and feet up time.

Stuff the Attic, Not the Turkey!
That’s exactly where I was last evening as I de-papered my latest round of neutral string blocks destined for a fun project ahead. 
While father & son are blowing in the insulation, I’ll be at my big desk getting everything ready for Rhododendron Trail, Part One.
It’s almost time.
I can’t wait.
Here we go!
Stuff the Attic, Not the Turkey!
And while you are at it – don’t forget to enter the November ’21 Quilty Box Gift-Away!  
It’s full of fantastic goodies you are going to want to get your hands on.  Enter to win On That Post. Drawing to happen Saturday 11/27/21.
Stuff the Attic, Not the Turkey!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
Quilt found in North Carolina.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of my USA friends and family!
I am thankful and grateful for your friendship and encouragement.
Today I raise my glass to toast you – thank you for adding so much to my life!
I’ll see you tomorrow morning for Part One!
Stuff the Attic, Not the Turkey!