January 13, 2021

String Theory at the Iowa Quilt Museum!

String Theory at the Iowa Quilt Museum!
String Theory at the Iowa Quilt Museum!

There is a place I want to be right now, that I can’t get to! (Straits of Mackinac quilt from my book String Frenzy  front and center!)
The Iowa Quilt Museum is presenting an exhibit of string quilts, past and present – and I am honored to have 3 quilts on display.
The exhibit is called String Theory. And because MOST of us can’t be there, they are holding ZOOM TOURS!
The virtual tours happen on Tuesdays at noon Iowa time (central USA) – (I really should have posted it this way, but you can do it next week too) and all of the zoom information for log in, etc. is found on the String Theory exhibit page.

String Theory at the Iowa Quilt Museum!
It feels so grand to be amongst such stringy greatness!
I’ve said many times – that if I were limited to one “quilting genre”  I would choose string piecing, because the options are truly limitless.  And the whole construction process is so freeing!
String Theory at the Iowa Quilt Museum!

I see HALF of Serpentine Web!
String Theory at the Iowa Quilt Museum!

I want to see ALL the beauties!

String Theory at the Iowa Quilt Museum!

Emerald City Under Glass!

String Theory at the Iowa Quilt Museum!

I hope those close enough will go see the exhibit in person.

Contact the museum for hours and protocols.  And wear your mask!  Ask them how many people can be in your group – these are things I don’t have the answers to, but they will.
The exhibit runs through March 21st – so start making some plans!
Who knows, you just might find that string piecing is your absolute favorite quilting genre too!
Once bitten by the string bug, there is no turning back!
String Theory at the Iowa Quilt Museum!

Lola can’t resist the string quilts, either!
Best laid plans for yesterday – and the Universe laughs. Out loud!
I was chauffeured to the QPO where my van spent the night – I wasn’t able to get my van up our ice and snow covered drive last evening, so we drove back to drop it back off. Which meant I hitched a ride with The Hubster.
He left as I unlocked the door – and I discovered it was dreadfully cold inside – checking the thermostat on the wall showed me the panel was completely blank – no digital read out. Just COLD.
We don’t have cell service for most of the 7 mile drive between here and there, so when he got home, he retrieved my messages and came screaming back.⁣
It was 56 degrees in the QPO, so who knows how long the heat had been off? Not long. It was a brisk 28 outside.⁣  It would have been colder inside if it had been off for very long.
A call to the heating folks was replied with a “we’ll get back to you.” message so I did the mail order stuff wearing my coat and hat! 
 I dropped that off at USPS, returned to the cabin to park the van at the bottom of the drive, was met by Dave with the RZR to ATV me up to the top. ⁣
Whoohoo! That hat was a godsend!⁣
A couple of hours later we received a message that the heating folks were on their way. Another drive back to the QPO. ⁣
A short in the unit was located, and within a chilly 2 hours heat was restored.
If you are worried about Lola during our snowy challenges of me being snowed in on top, she is fine and dandy. She has more quilts than she can count and I found her tucked in and cozy in a basket – on top of my next sneak preview!
Do you see strings?!
Wait for it – just a bit longer – the reveal is coming soon!
String Theory at the Iowa Quilt Museum!

So – it has come to my attention that we made 36 flying geese for Grassy Creek part 5 when we only needed 24.
If you wish to whip me with a wet noodle, you’ll have to stand in line 6′ apart, and wear your mask.
⁣What are some things you can do with 12 extra flying geese? ⁣
First of all, use only your best ones in the quilt, culling out the wonky ones. There are always some wonky ones.
Use the remaining geese as a frame for your label on the back.
Save them for another project. ⁣
When in doubt, make a pot holder!⁣
No matter how hard I try to do the best I can, I seem to screw up more than most. I have come to accept it, so far it hasn’t ended my world. Or anyone else’s.
The typo has been fixed on the part 5 blog post, and on the PDF copy. You will need to re-download the new copy for the changes to show.⁣
In our reveal post, Part Seven – the single goose sewn to the red rectangle actually measures 3 1/2” square – not 6 1/2” square. It has been fixed on the blog post, but not on the PDF yet because it is a large “merged” PDF to have the full page graphic of the quilt on the back page of the PDF, combined with the rest which is 2 columned. I’ll see if I can get to redoing that PDF today.
Thank you. Now on to the next screw up in progress….⁣
The winner will also receive a free PDF copy of my Winter Blues quilt! Hurry and get your entry in. We’ll be drawing for our winner on Saturday, January 16th.
Today I’m planning on getting done all that did NOT get done with the back and forth and back and forth from yesterday.
The sun is shining brightly outside – there is not much snow left. I’m hoping the remainder will be gone off the driveway by this evening when I will attempt to get the van back up to the top.
It’s another chauffeuring morning, and my driver is getting antsy so I best hit send on this and get a move on.

String Theory at the Iowa Quilt Museum!
Quiltville Quote of the Day!
And isn’t that just how quickly life goes? LOL! 

Have a great Wednesday, everyone! 

String Theory at the Iowa Quilt Museum!