March 22, 2023

Spring Forward Fail!

Spring Forward Fail!
Spring Forward Fail!
From the looks of her, Lola feels the exact same way I do about this springing forward thing in the spring.
It’s now Thursday – and I find I can’t get to sleep at night, and getting up in the morning is a drag.  As in – Gotta drag myself out of bed and force myself into this day when all I want to do is throw the covers back over my head and snooze an extra hour or so.
It gets harder as we get older, doesn’t it?
I LOVE having it lighter in the evenings.  That part is great.  It’s the getting to sleep at a decent hour and being able to get a restful sleep and waking up refreshed that is just not happening.
Spring Forward Fail!
I did spend some time with this, though!

Spring Forward Fail!
It seemed like these went on forever – and there is still more to do.
I’ll need to restock the green basket before I can move forward.

Spring Forward Fail!
It’s been tons of trimming and de-papering as well.

Spring Forward Fail!
But they look SO pretty, don’t they?
Perfect for St. Paddy’s day tomorrow.
On the de-papering thing:  I guess there are two camps when it comes to the best time to remove the paper from foundation pieced units.
For me – As soon as the units are trimmed I get the paper off.  I need to see to really be able to match points when joining things, and I don’t need the extra thickness that 2 pieces of paper add to the mix if I were to sew unit to unit with paper still on both.
And sometimes I need the paper off so I can press a seam in the opposite direction.
Yesterday’s #igquiltfest2023 prompt was all about “BEST TIPS.”  And since I was deep into paper piecing mode and trimming up a katrillion things, here’s one I use quite often:

Spring Forward Fail!
A square of shelf liner.  A ruler with a marked 1/4” all around the outside edge. (I’ve had this Optima ruler forever and it is my favorite though I can’t find who carries them anymore.)

Spring Forward Fail!
For trimming, I place the 1/4” line on the outer seam line of my block.  And because rulers love to slide on paper more than they do on fabric, I leave the margin of my ruler just over the edge of the square of shelf liner.  It really does keep the ruler from sliding.
From here I trim up the right side, and across the top – two sides at once without moving the ruler.
Then rotate the unit to put the other raw sides in position, place the 1/4” line on the seam line again, and part of the ruler on the shelf liner, and I’m good to trim up side three at the side, and side four across the top.
I just keep this square of shelf liner on my mat at all times with my rotary cutter.  And yes. it works great for cutting fabric.
Are there other solutions? Of course. But this works for me. 

Spring Forward Fail!

All trimmed and waiting for the next step!
Oh, and the other best hint?
I’ve posted about this many times, but we’ve got so many newbies that joined during our Chilhowie mystery I think it bears repeating.
Spring Forward Fail!

I really should go back one step further to the beginning- Cutting comes before seam allowance! ⁣
Make sure the ruler line you are measuring by is up ON the fabric, not sitting next to the fabric on the mat or your strip will be one line-width too narrow and your problems can compound from there!⁣
In order to see if your seam is giving you what it should – number one rule is to NEVER trust a 1/4” foot of any kind until you test it.
And never measure just the seam allowance – because it can look perfect, but your unit might not be the right size.
As always – seam test, seam test!
Two 2” squares sewn right sides together and pressed should measure 3 1/2” on the ruler.
When we press after sewing, the fabric actually folds up from the “other” side of the thread, so the fabric has to go up and over the seam and still reach unit size. This has to be compensated for within the seam allowance.
The thickness of the thread and the fabric also matter, so if you change from sewing with Kona cotton to working with batiks, you may need to tweak your seam allowance after doing another seam test to be sure your unit sizes are correct.
Measure the whole unit. Not just the seam.⁣
Along with this is my best seam guide hack – a piece of hotel room key with double stick removable poster tape to hold it down. It sticks for a LONG time, and I like the hard edge to feed my fabric against.
My seam guide rulers have holes for 1/4″ all the way up to 3/4″ so you can choose your seam based on your project. Find them in the Quiltville Store.
And remember: The numbers on the ruler don’t lie! LOL!

Spring Forward Fail!

The introductory price is already marked 25% off and is good through 3/31/23 – no coupon code needed.
We’ve got over 2500 entries already!  So hop on over to the Gift-Away post and get your entry in.
All of the pattern details and particulars are there –
Spring Forward Fail!

The folks at  Cotton to Quilts have been busy at work getting fabric rolls and even yardage ready for you!
Facets of Blue color rolls will add some pizzazz to your blue scraps on hand, and of course their Notable Neutral rolls just can’t be beat for the fun prints your quilts long for.
New this time around – they’ve got Bella Solids in both Chartreuse and Key Lime if you want to go a bit brighter. You can purchase a 3 yard cut on the website, or they will cut by-the-yard for you if desired.
Spring Forward Fail!

And we are going to be giving a way two of these rolls!
(Winner must have fabric prize shipped to a USA address.  If you are outside of the USA, we can send to a friend within the USA who can forward the prize on to you.)
So go get that entry in!
The Richmond Express gals pulled in just before 4pm yesterday afternoon – it was a beautiful clear sunny day without clouds – but boy is that wind still a bit chilly.
We are hoping things will warm up through the weekend.
There may even be a group walk this afternoon if the temps permit.
I’m eager to get over to the inn and see how everyone has set up their spaces and check out what they are working on.
What do you have going on for this Thursday?
Spring Forward Fail!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –

Here’s something that only Quilters and Sewists will understand! 

Fabulous quilt shared by Siobhan!

Have a productive quilty day, friends! 
Spring Forward Fail!