February 23, 2024

*Singing* So Happy Together….

*Singing* So Happy Together....
*Singing* So Happy Together....
Good Morning and Happy Weekend from the February Quiltvillians retreating in our first retreat of 2024!
Could it be that they are really this happy to be together, or is it the floor fumes? LOL!!
No seriously – there is a houseful of fun happening – and my heart is full up.
That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been some hiccups – I mean, what do you do when the gas oven won’t ignite to make breakfast?
I got a text from Tonni around 7am staying “The oven won’t light!”
So much for Hubster Dave being on the retired train. LOL!!
We hadn’t used the oven in 2 months, but who would have thought that it could be anything other than the pilot light being out?
Turns out this commercial range doesn’t have a pilot light.  It has an igniter.  Which was a non-ignighter.
Luckily we were able to get a part overnighted and he was able to install it yesterday afternoon and we were back to “cookin’ with gas!”
What did they do in the mean time?  I have an Oster Roaster oven that we use a lot for baking big batches of baked potatoes and other things, and it worked perfect for yesterday morning’s breakfast casserole.  It works just like regular oven.
And there are crock pots, instant pots, and the stove top still worked.  We were golden!
*Singing* So Happy Together....
Getting ready for mid-afternoon snackies!
Gail makes the most beautiful veggie/meat/cheese trays – and yes, that drill is there waiting for Dave to finish fixing the oven. At this point the oven door was still off, and we were waiting on FedEx to deliver the part.
Meanwhile in the Quilting Quarters:
*Singing* So Happy Together....
A small version of Silk Path is trimmed and looking pretty!
*Singing* So Happy Together....

*Singing* So Happy Together....
I spy a Chilhowie in gorgeous pink and brown under way!
*Singing* So Happy Together....
And the sweet 301 matches wonderfully!
*Singing* So Happy Together....

*Singing* So Happy Together....
I can’t wait to see this over the porch rail later during their stay.

*Singing* So Happy Together....
We’ve got such a little sweat shop going!

*Singing* So Happy Together....
This was before the design walls were covered –

*Singing* So Happy Together....

Betty is working on her Lisa Bonjean Christmas Trees!
*Singing* So Happy Together....

So super cute!
*Singing* So Happy Together....
Gail and the Giant Punpkin!
(It’s never too early to sew Halloween!)
*Singing* So Happy Together....
And it was Gail’s lucky night – she won big-time at Left, Right, Center – look at those beautiful neutrals! We ALWAYS need more neutrals!
*Singing* So Happy Together....
Thursday afternoon we had a short window of sunshine and I had HAD IT with the whole Etsy debacle thing so Barb and I headed out for our first 2024 walk up Round House Road.
It was a bit windy, but we soon worked up a warm glow.
This photo – with all the cows watching us. So funny.  If they had thought bubbles over their heads, what would they be saying?
*Singing* So Happy Together....
One mile in, one mile out –
Get back to sewing!

*Singing* So Happy Together....
Almost ready to set!
All through the summer, fall, and mystery season my stacks of Oopsie Daisie blocks were growing.
Blocks are pinned in groups of 10 so I can keep count easily.
I only need 16 more block quarters to call this quilt ready to be a top!
So today I’m going to break all of my rules, and use pieces as Leaders & Enders for each other and get those last units made so I can lay this out.
It feels good to be sewing again.

*Singing* So Happy Together....

These two half pineapples happened last night.
These are slower going and take more time, but they have been my “sewing at home” project.  I only need 8 more half pineapple blocks and I’ll be ready to set this one together too.
*Singing* So Happy Together....
As for that Etsy Shop mess – There is no way to close my shop – I went through all of the steps – one tells you to “Contact Customer Support” only there is never an email address or chat thing to actually contact customer support.  It’s a dead end. So my Etsy shop remains on House Arrest.
I went in and marked all of my items to “Manually Renew” instead of “Auto Renew” so they won’t automatically charge me, and things will just sit there.
Once that was done, I deactivated everything.  
If you still have patterns in your Etsy account that you have not downloaded, do it now.  I’ll give it a week or so, but then I’m going to delete everything from the store and if they won’t let me completely close my Etsy shop, this notice will just stay there as a redirect to the Quiltville Store.

Less is more, right?

*Singing* So Happy Together....

The Winter Cardinal PDF pattern release including Star of Hope is going great guns – no Etsy needed!
If you missed it, click over to Yesterday’s Post to read all about it and add yourself to the Gift-Away.
*Singing* So Happy Together....

Indigo Way is also now available as a PDF pattern booklet!
And I think that’s all the news I have for now.
Please, no more stoves going out or internet woes through the weekend.
I need to sew!

*Singing* So Happy Together....

Quiltville Quote of the Day –

That thing called gut instinct? Listen to it!
Don’t let other people’s opinions make your decisions for you.
(This one really hit home for me!)⁣
Welcome to the weekend!
*Singing* So Happy Together....