April 21, 2021

Shine a Little Light –

Shine a Little Light -
Shine a Little Light -
Quiltville Inn view from Wilson Creek!
Quiltville Inn is once again full with the sounds of machines, laughter, chatter, yummy smells coming from the kitchen (hooray new gas range!) and all is “nearly” right in our world.
This wonderful group of ladies arrived after much long travel – driving from Arkansas, Texas and Kentucky.
Some had not seen each other for years.
MANY who can be are vaccinated. (I don’t have total head count, but I’m curious – I know it is more than half.)
All have quarantined for 2 weeks before coming to keep those who have not been vaccinated safe.
Shine a Little Light -
My new favorite spot in the side yard –
Thanks to The Hubster and son Jason for hanging the swing!

I am just THRILLED to have these ladies here – and completely POSITIVE about my desire to once again start sharing the creativity that is happening within these walls.
As I knew would happen – there are haters hating behind their screens.
One in particular just will not leave me or my blog or her attempts to incite comment wars alone.
Donna Fairchild from New York – aka SEWHAPPY – I am calling you out. 
Shine a Little Light -

And yes, there is an email address there, and I will not be blocking it out.  It all started with this email, and escalated.

No answer I could give made her happy enough. Ensuring her that I was operating within state and county guidelines was not enough.
She reported me to the Virginia department of health. Twice.
Shine a Little Light -

The “from the West Coast” was a misdirect – as I have had NO retreats scheduled from the west coast – at all – never. Donna up to her tricks again.
The wording here is nearly word for word the previous accusations she sent via email.
My conversation with the VDH went as follows determining we were FINE:
Shine a Little Light -

Item 6 as of last October – This restriction does not apply to persons while inside their residence or the personal residence of another.

Now why. WHY? Would someone from New York care so much what is going on in my life in Virginia? Why target me?  I don’t know – but if anyone KNOWS Donna Fairchild from New York – perhaps you can shine a little light.  

For MONTHS – all of Donna’s SEWHAPPY comments have gone to spam – I don’t even see them, but this morning on a whim I checked the comments spam folder –
Shine a Little Light -
My goodness Donna – you are on a roll!
Donna, your comments are not welcome on my blog.  If you (or anyone else) has such a problem with me – WHY do you keep reading? There are plenty of better ways to spend your time. And mine. Find someone else to stalk.
Go make things better in your own area – Go walk the aisles of Walmart and make sure everyone is masked correctly.
You do you – but do it AWAY from me.
There are others that love to smear, call names, try to shame me through comments but they will not be posted either. You know who you are.  I don’t know why you do it, but you must get something out of it.  Your comment attempts will continue to go directly to spam.

If I were to respond to every smear it would become a full time job, it would drain me of all my emotional and creative energy, and I would never create anything meaningful. 

Responses also reward those who lie/smear with the attention they crave.

Today I am shining a light – and I am taking a stand.

Sometimes this scenario makes me feel briefly discouraged and powerless, but I’m not powerless. There are at least four things I CAN do in response to constant smears:

1) I can refuse to further give the misinformation oxygen or visibility on my platforms. (Facebook, Instagram, blog)

2) I can block the smearing critics on social media, which I try to do regularly. 

3) I can continue producing quality quilty content that helps my followers.

4) I can keep designing and sewing things that make ME happy. Which is the best use of my time and energy over all.

Shine a Little Light -

Also from the spam folder.

NO. Just NO.

Again, you do you – let me do me.