October 17, 2020

Sewing All Day!

Sewing All Day!
Sewing All Day!
How many different greens can one use in string piecing?
And let’s face it – the contents of my string bins are overflowing as anything that is “still wide enough to be useful” but not really Scrap User’s System width-worthy usually ends up in my string bins either by color family.
I need to make more string quilts to keep up with the string production!
Sewing All Day!
With the right on time as predicted severe drop in temperatures, along with the addition of strong chilly breezes – this became our late afternoon project – even as retreat was in full swing.
The storm window we were going to order missed another year.  There have been too many other irons in the fire.
Remember the video from our first winter with the retreat house, where the wind was blowing through the kitchen windows and wafting the paper towels??
For 2 years we have “shrink-wrapped” the kitchen window from the inside.  And it really helps.

Sewing All Day!
Zoey Jo, Supervising!
This year – we are seeing if we can do it from the OUTSIDE.  
The ladies in the kitchen said it made a huge difference already.  What we don’t know is if the double stick tape that holds the film to the frame will hold through a winter of outside temperatures.
If it doesn’t hold – we’ll shrink wrap from inside again.
The downside of inside?  It’s right over the kitchen sink where spatter happens, and even Windex doesn’t do a great job at trying to clean the film.
And since the wind blows from the outside in, there ends up being a lot of debris and dust that accumulates between the window and inside film that you are unable to clean until spring when the temps are warm enough to once again remove the film.
Let’s just say that we were ONE DAY SHORT on putting this up as the hairdryer didn’t do as great a job in the frigid and blowing breezes outside as it would have if we had done it the previous day when the porch temps were wonderfully warm.

Sewing All Day!
Zoey says “Go on and give them a peek!”
This is part of what I have been working on behind the scenes.  I’m not done yet, but I can show you this corner!

Sewing All Day!

And maybe a bit of this corner, too!
And you will see it all in due time!
I’ll be back with the ladies today with a little bit more of sewing up the strings.
I’m having a blast with this one and I know you will too!
Sewing All Day!
She writes:
“Hi Bonnie,  I thought I’d send you a picture of a Mini Pumpkin Patch Runner I’m made for a dear friend of mine, Conie. She mentioned she’d love to have your Pumpkin Patch Runner,  but she only has a very small table.  
While laying in bed the other night,  I got this brain storm to make a Mini for her. Isn’t it just CUTE!!! Thanks for all the fun you send Out each and every day!”
I love it, Julie!  These could make really cute placemats, too!
I am loving her fall colored checkerboard in the center along with her warm brown background!  This can be enjoyed all the way through Thanksgiving!
And did you know the Punkin Patch Table Runner pattern is on sale for just $5.00 through the month of October? Hurry!
Sewing All Day!

Those greys and vanillas are SO beautiful together!  great job, Marcia!
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Is there anything quilty happening where you are this beautiful Saturday?
Sewing All Day!
Quiltville Quote of the Day –
Everyday Heroes, we thank you for your extraordinary efforts! 

There are so many folks who have not stopped serving others since this whole Covid journey began, many of whom are going along seemingly unnoticed. 

We see you! We thank you! 

Thank an essential hero today! 
Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!
Sewing All Day!