October 14, 2020

Right On Time, One Week Early!

Right On Time, One Week Early!
Right On Time, One Week Early!
Let me premise this post by saying that EVERYTHING can be made better by ice cream.  Well mostly.  And no matter what happened yesterday, it all turned out good.  The ice cream was the bonus!
The Tuesday after a 3 day holiday weekend that didn’t feel like a 3 day holiday weekend except for the fact that the USPS was closed on Monday – those kinds of Tuesdays always throw me a little bit backward.  And then shove my week off running on Tuesday trying to make up for the stuff that didn’t get done on the Monday.  Make sense?
Right On Time, One Week Early!
The best part was abundant sunshine and blue skies with all of this autumn splendor as I made headway on getting The Weekend + Monday’s mail to the Mouth of Wilson USPS by the 11:30 closing time.
As it tends to go – just when you think you’ve got things done, there were another 10 or so orders by the time I got back from the USPS.
No problem, I thought – I’ll just drop them off at the Grassy Creek USPS on my way to West Jefferson for my dentist appointment, and then on to my chiropractor appointment after that.

Right On Time, One Week Early!

Lola thought I had things well under control, so she continued to zone out in the bin of neutrals waiting to be cut down into strips and shuffled into my Scrap User’s System!

Silly girl – I NEED that Texas neutral – yes I do!
Right On Time, One Week Early!

I didn’t need to leave until just past 3pm, and had a good couple of hours to keep piecing on the border units for my in progress Nearly Lemoyne quilt.  
These half stars have been using up quite a bit of strips that fell too short to do the full star block.  I love it when I can make good use of the short pieces too.
I binged on another couple of episodes of Last Tango in Halifax on Netflix while I sewed – watching the clock and at just after 3pm, as planned, I was out the door – outgoing mail order in a bin behind the driver’s seat.
Right On Time, One Week Early!

I drive the 2 1/2 miles to the Grassy Creek Post Office (Photo from last week) the white building you see above.
I put on my mask, I get out of the car – I walk to the door. It’s locked.  With a sign that says “Sorry for any inconvenience, I’ll be back at 3:30pm.”
I guess in a small rural place like this – it is okay for the one single post office person to run an errand in the middle of their shift.  
Maybe they had a dentist appointment, too?
NEW PLAN!  I still have time.  I wanted these packages dropped off and in the system on their way to their destinations TUESDAY, not WEDNESDAY.
I got back on the road, headed over to Jefferson, NC – and stopped at their post office and handed over the packages.  Mission One Accomplished!
I then drive another 10 minutes or so to my dentists office.  The parking lot is EMPTY except for one car.  Weird. Maybe they take really LATE lunch hours around here?
I call – I tell the person who answers that I was there for my appointment.
And the response is: “I’m sorry, we have you down for your cleaning and check up NEXT TUESDAY at this time.”  Oooops!
I have no idea why it was on my phone calendar as the 13th, but it was.  Likely my own fault when I put it in.  Who knows.  But I now had  90 minutes to kill before my chiropractic appointment.
Walmart for needed things.  Done.  Goodwill and Salvation army scored me 2 NICE irons for Quiltville Inn and a large pottery dog water bowl for Zoey (and Ivy) that may help with Ivy’s kitty chin acne situation.
Still time to kill.  Well – shoot.  This is where the ice cream comes in!

Right On Time, One Week Early!
Raspberry Jumble!
Right On Time, One Week Early!
Eaten outside on a picnic table with this in the background.
You know, it turned out okay.  An extra 90 minutes to myself away from computer, away from the “Must Do” list of things that need to happen this week.
Away from the 13 bins of STUFF waiting to be gone through at the cabin from Monday’s Master Bedroom move from Wallburg.
A mid-October day of eating a 2-scoop cup of creamy yumminess.  I’ll take it.
Things that make us slow down usually have a lesson attached.
Chiropractor appointment #3 – and things are finally unlocking and moving where they should be.  It’s important to listen to your body and the messages it is telling you.  It was a good round of self-care.

Right On Time, One Week Early!
Along with the outgoing mail, was incoming mail!  A special package for Zoey Jo from “Aunt Debi and Uncle Rick.”  And she is in LOVE with this squeaky squawky parrot!

Right On Time, One Week Early!

One happy pup!
That blue sky and sunshine is abundant again today.  Such a gift!
My hope is to finish units and start getting that border on the Nearly Lemoyne quilt. 
And tackle a back from the bins of “intended for backing” stash that was culled from the stash cabinets during relocation. 
More toile with the challenges of cut off heads and arms and legs?  LOL! 
Anything in the works for your Wednesday?
(And if you find yourself out and about with your schedule a week off, go stop for an ice cream!)
And I want to thank everyone who posted supportive comments on my “combining-2-houses-into-1” STUFF anxiety.  I’m not quite breathing easier yet.
But I did tackle one big bin full of dresser drawer memories – probably one of the hardest bins to deal with.  Some vintage glass pieces are headed to Quiltville Inn today where they can be enjoyed by many.
Some things are in the donation bin.
And there is a rather large trash bag working its way to full. 
One bin down, 12 to go from this round.
And shelves for the linen closet should be going in today.  Progress in baby steps.

Right On Time, One Week Early!
And just in time for Halloween! I love how these are turning out!

From @patchworkplayground: “Making a couple of quick gifts.”  SO CUTE!
Right On Time, One Week Early!
She writes:
Thank you for the wonderful shares, everyone!  Please keep them coming!
Right On Time, One Week Early!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
Vintage flower vase quilt found in Omaha, Nebraska. 
Do what brings you joy, and share it with those around you!
Have a lovely Wednesday, everyone!
Right On Time, One Week Early!