June 11, 2021

Quilt Like a BEAST!!

Quilt Like a BEAST!!
Quilt Like a BEAST!!
The B.E.A.S.T Quilters are in the house!
Our last member arrived yesterday afternoon – all the way from Syracuse, New York to join the others who came from Ohio, Missouri and Utah!
The connections fascinate me.  Quilters know how to network!

Quilt Like a BEAST!!
It all starts with Sarah!
Here she is with her mom!
I met Sarah when I was attending a family reunion in Utah, and accepted an invitation to go to a local quilt guild meeting while there.  I brought my sister Joy with me and we had SO MUCH FUN!
I’ve since seen Sarah on several locations for different quilting occasions and she is always fun to be around.
Quilt Like a BEAST!!
We also have Sarah’s sisters, Emily and Amelia –
And their cousin Kelly!
I’ve heard for years about the fabulous retreat days that happen when this quilting family of fantastic women get together.
And they’ve brought the party to Quiltville Inn!
Quilt Like a BEAST!!
Quilt for a teenage daughter coming together!
Quilt Like a BEAST!!
Sarah’s aunt Lani is her mom’s sister – and the family circle and connections grow!
Quilt Like a BEAST!!
Along with family connections we have friend connections too!
All together we’ve got Suzy, Emily, Amelia, Joyce, Bryce, Sarah, Lani, Marcia, Kelly, Karlene, Candy and Cindy!

Quilt Like a BEAST!!
Our other mother/daughter pair –
Bryce and Joyce!
Quilt Like a BEAST!!
I’m drooling over Joyce’s sweet yellow featherweight!

Quilt Like a BEAST!!

Ready for our welcome gathering once all were present!

Quilt Like a BEAST!!

There are many days of fun ahead!
This group chose Wonky Wishes as their workshop during retreat and we were able to fit in a half-day yesterday, which will continue today.
Imagine my happiness at teaching 12 eager folks – instead of a convention center room full of 50 and trying to get around to everyone.  It does feel like coming home.  My home.
We can take it at our own pace – breaking it up into several lessons over the course of the retreat, and not cram it all into one 6-hour workshop day.  I just couldn’t stop smiling!
I’ll even be giving treadle lessons today when we move on to the string pieced sashings part!
And for those who asked what B.E.A.S.T quilters stands for?
Quilt Like a BEAST!!
This is the tee shirt!
Though, we could come up with any number of other acronyms along the way Like:
Bonnie Eats All Snacks Tastily.  LOL!
Click to Play: 

Without Sarah, none of this would be possible!
(Yes, she is this much fun!)
I’m still moving slowly – having regular dates with the ice pack.  Standing isn’t a problem.  It’s the sitting, or trying to find a comfortable way to lie down.  The ouchie thumb is getting better and the bruising on my hand is fading.
It’s continued to rain off and on and off and on, making things really muddy so not good for hiking or biking anyway at this point. I’m bummed just a bit, but we have quilts to sew, plenty of good food, friendship and time to be together to enjoy what we can.
And the fun continues!
I’ve loved visiting the other stops along this tour since it began with the TWO mega-giveaways from Martingale happening now (see the prize packs on my May 31st POST. You can enter on their blog here, and over on Instagram here.) and seeing what everyone has been making from Holiday Celebrations.
Don’t forget to enter for my own gift-away on Pat Sloan’s Holiday Celebrations Tour. Did you get your entry in on that post yet for my gift-away?  Be sure to hit up all of the stops along the way!
I’m off this morning in a hurry to get to the inn – the fridge repair guy is FINALLY going to just replace that icemaker in the freezer instead of trying to repair it.
Today is the 3rd visit.  Let’s hope that the 3rd time IS a charm!
How are things shaping up for your Friday?
Quilt Like a BEAST!!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
Don’t let the opinions of others consume you!
Listen to that small inner voice that builds you up and encourages you on your way.
Have a wonderful Friday, folks!
Quilt Like a BEAST!!