October 28, 2021

QPO Re-Do!

QPO Re-Do!
QPO Re-Do!
The view from where I now sit!
Remember that big trailer unloading that happened on Tuesday?  I’m dealing with the aftermath, and it will take me a while!
However, I am reminded of what I’ve held on to for most of my adult life: “Just take one thing and make it better today.”
Be that a drawer, a tub, a box, a tote – ONE thing makes a difference.
Tuesday night I was feeling mightily overwhelmed as I just did NOT remember this corner desk and side cabinets taking up this much space?  It has lived with me in 2 other places over the past nearly 20 years.  
Did it grow??
I laid there in bed, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking (as the mind tends to do when it can’t fall asleep) as to how I could rearrange things to make ALL of this furniture make sense in a way that would still leave me floor space.
And this is it.
QPO Re-Do!
The corner desk is not in super great shape.  And yes, it’s that press-board Sauder type stuff, but it is such a great work space that I have preferred it to anything else that I could find at the time.
This end is usually up against walls in a corner, and now it’s free-standing so the back isn’t that aesthetically pleasing, but the WORK SPACE!  
For me, it’s always been function over fashion.  I think we are going to look for some bead board or something that we can line the back with so it doesn’t just look like naked particle board.
But even that doesn’t matter as much because – WORK SPACE!

QPO Re-Do!
And 4 toes were emptied.
And that is progress, right?
I do have a problem with ditching empty totes though – I mean – they are still good, have working lids and may be needed, so they are now in the cellar at the inn next door.
I admit it.  I’m a bit of a plastic storage container hoarder.

QPO Re-Do!
While the Muddy Creek Misfits settled in to Quiltville Inn – this was happening in the yard as we made the most of the remaining daylight hours, continuing well to dark.
QPO Re-Do!
The Chinese Chestnuts are taking over!
Lisa and I gathered and bagged up some of the nuts that were left in the grass after The Hubster blew the spikey hulls into piles to be shoveled into the trailer.
Chinese chestnuts are the sweet variety, unlike horse chestnuts and are very sweet and edible.
And we have SO MANY!  The remainder will be left for the deer.

QPO Re-Do!

Many trips of heinous hulls went over the cliff off of the QPO parking lot down into the ravine.
We think most of these are done falling, but there may be one more clean up to happen before winter really sets in.
In the mean time – there was the black walnut tree to be dealt with too, and Gina set about filling a bag for her own hubby to deal with – hulls and all.  He has mad plans for them.  
And in the quilt relocation documentation continuation – Click to Play:

Strip Twist has found a home!
When my brother Rick said my sister-in-law Sarah loves purple, I dug right in and chose a couple of quilts I thought they both would like.

Strip twist is one of my earliest patterns from the Free Patterns tab, and uses 2 1/2″ strips in neutrals and colors.

Have you made one? ⁣

It’s a stripapalooza of fun! ⁣
QPO Re-Do!

On the flip side!

I also love clearing out a bunch of random purples in the really fun backing! 

I need to do more of this! 
So here we are at Thursday.  This week is flying by.  By tonight I need to have all of the finishing touches done on Tomorrow’s PDF pattern release for Boxy Bow Ties – I’m so excited!
I’ll be spending what time I can with the Muddy Creek Misfits, and enjoying the day – we are supposed to reach 74 today, and sunny – so enjoying those last few days on the porch before it gets too cold is on the agenda. 
I have THREE quilts waiting for the binding to be sewn down, and I usually don’t have that many in the queue but I have a hunch that this bumper crop of apples, chestnuts and walnuts means we just might be in for a doozy of a winter – so hand stitching will definitely be happening soon.
How about your own plans for today?  What’s going on in your world?
QPO Re-Do!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –

Vintage broken dishes in a nine patch quilt found in North Carolina.
Every day is a brand new chapter.
We can fill the pages however we want to. ⁣
The past doesn’t dictate who we are becoming.
Feeling overwhelmed? Here’s a reminder to find JUST ONE THING and make it better, whatever it is.
Have an awesome Thursday, everyone!
QPO Re-Do!