February 23, 2024

On the Run Around –

On the Run Around -
On the Run Around -
I was going to title this post “Double Whammy Friday” but it occurred to me that I hadn’t posted since Thursday morning so as the saying goes “It’s been a couple!”
However, this is our Saturday morning sunrise take off of the deck at home – 
Evidently the groundhog is calling for an early spring.
I sure hope so!
At least the ice and snow of Monday has melted away and skies are once again blue instead of moody gray. 
On the Run Around -
Thursday afternoon macular specialist in Boone – and greeted by two quilts in the waiting area as I waited for the effects of the “Let’s dilate you now…” drops to take effect.
Hope of Spring!  Isn’t this so cute?  I adore the beehive watering can. Adorable.

On the Run Around -
An abstract quilt also hung in a nearby hallway.
These slice and insert quilts always remind me of playing the Pick Up Sticks game as a kid.
Well done for brightening and softening the effects of a waiting room that can be – dare I say it – Eye Numbing?
My report is stable.  No further damage from the Macular Telangiectasia. (This is NOT macular degeneration and has no cure)
Result? Doctor requested 2 more scans in color, and “Come back and see me in a year.”
Okay.  That’s done. And no news is good news.
Yesterday (Friday) was all about stacked appointments.  An early 8:15am appointment (Also in Boone) at the dermatologist for me, followed by a 10:30am dentist appointment for Hubster Dave and a Chiropractic adjustment for me both in West Jefferson.
We tag-teamed the day and I’m glad we did.
I hadn’t been to the dermatologist in probably 2 years.  Things slid due to Covid and the fact that I didn’t want to drive 2 hours to Winston to see the one I had been seeing.
Last fall I asked Dave to book me a new patient appointment at the place he was seeing in Boone and it took until NOW to have an opening.
I’m glad I went.
On the Run Around -
Mole removal.
They found 2 suspicious moles that were immediately sliced out and sent to pathology.  I’ll get the results of those biopsies in a couple of weeks.
He also froze a spot at the tip of my nose that now sports a nice blister.
And a place on the back of my neck that looked like the beginning of something.
ALL of these things were undetectable by me.  All of them.  And all of them could have grown into big problems.
I’ll be a bit on pins and needles until the biopsy comes back. Especially the one on my arm.
If you’ve skipped your dermatologist because you thought everything was fine? Go have a check to be sure.  They can see things that you can’t.
The Chiropractor was much needed.  Too many hours on planes, and strange hotel beds that are not as firm as what I sleep on at home.  I’m feeling a bit sore after that adjustment – so really, yesterday was a wash as I just kind of lounged it away.  It happens.

On the Run Around -
Tula is more than fine!

On the Run Around -

She walked away from the camera – even though I held treats – and really she needs a good brushing but there are no mats.
She’s been warm and happy in her domain – and is thrilled to have flooring guys coming in and out to give her pets over the past several days.
Zoey, Mabel, Ivy, Lola – all are fine and well and getting loads of loves.
The last coat of Poly went down last night.  It should be okay to walk on late this afternoon.  I’ll head over to vent things a bit better to try to dissipate the smell.
They said “NO FLOOR MATS!” for 3 weeks as the poly cures so ladies will have to be extra careful with their wheelie chairs.
As the castors are now several years old they are not as speedy as they were, but everyone will need to pay attention.  I can put floor mats back down in March.
Tomorrow we’ll go move all of the furniture back in place and I can start to put things in order in preparation for Wednesday’s opening day.
On the Run Around -
Here’s another New Zealand share for you – so happy to find these photos in my camera roll.

While in Te Anau, we took a boat ride across beautiful Lake Te Anau and join a guided caves adventure underground by path and small punt through limestone caverns to the glowworm grotto.

On the Run Around -
Lake Te Anau is the largest of the southern glacial lakes, and the second largest lake in the whole of New Zealand.

On the Run Around -
And we had this beautiful day to soak it all up!

On the Run Around -
Catching the rainbow on the wake –

On the Run Around -
Docking across the lake – the water was so clear – 

On the Run Around -

On the Run Around -

We were told there was to be no photography in the cave – to preserve the habitat of the glow worms.

At the entry to the caves at Cavern House, we viewed the informative displays and watched a video to learn about this geological wonder before our group joined your guide underground. 

During the tour of the caves, our friendly guide pointed out the highlights and share their knowledge of the caves and its history.

There was loads of ducking due to low ceilings, but the walkway was non-slip and easily followed.

This underground world is astonishingly beautiful. By geological standards, the caves are very young (12,000 years) and are still being carved out by the force of the river that flows through them. The result is a twisting network of limestone passages filled with sculpted rock, whirlpools and a roaring underground waterfall.

The water was rushing through – so much water – it was incredible.

Deep inside the caves, beyond the roar of the water, we were taken by small boat into a silent hidden grotto inhabited by hundreds of glowworms, unique to New Zealand. In the subterranean darkness, they produce a glittering display that is nothing short of extraordinary.

I did find a video from National Geographic that captures everything that we were not allowed to.

Click to Play:

It’s true – some things are best viewed in real time, now through a camera lens. So I was glad that we had to put our cameras away and just observe with our eyes. To live the experience, instead of view it through our phones.

And if you are wishing you had been on this tour with me – please check out my Craftours travel page. We’ll be in Australia next January with a pre-tour option to Tasmania and/or a post tour option to Fiji!

If you want to beat the snow and cold next January come with me!

(Ireland/Scotland is in June, Kenya is in September, and don’t forget about Christmas in England in early December.)

On the Run Around -

Six Times Ten!
Piecing Time + Podcasts = Pineapple block stacks.
The bronchitis is just about cleared up.  I’m anxious to get back to my office and throw myself into tome much needed things on the to-do list.  
Desk day planned for Monday – but today?  Maybe some more pineapple time?
How about you? What’s up in your world as we head into the weekend?
On the Run Around -

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
It’s not easy looking beyond the overly full to-do list, but time is always more important than things.
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!
On the Run Around -