May 23, 2022

No Misfits Here!

No Misfits Here!
No Misfits Here!
With rain on the horizon, the Muddy Creek Misfits took porch time as much as possible yesterday – enjoying what we could of our beautiful May afternoon.
Lunches, snack time, wine o’clock and more – the porch is a perfect place for sitting and letting the world go by.
And yes – there is often stitching of bindings, applique or other handwork done out here in the comfort of the covered wrap around porch – it’s one of my favorite things about this house.  That porch is wide and goes on for miles.
Wilson creek flows behind and we are often entertained by birds of all kinds, and fishermen alike – all hoping to snag “the big one”.  Some for sport, others for dinner!
No Misfits Here!
It isn’t ALL lollygagging around here.
There is some serious sewing going on.

No Misfits Here!

Projects are making their way up on design walls.

No Misfits Here!
And we are solving world problems while we stitch.
The wisdom of the ages is found in this room.

No Misfits Here!
Isn’t this the cutest thing??
This is Muriel’s and she is using a pattern and ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful to make this nativity scene.  I have no further info but a google search will help you find out more.
No Misfits Here!

And yes – I got some stitching in, too.  I’m working on some super fun blocks for the 2023 issues of Quiltmaker!  I’m excited about these blocks and the next go-round of my Addicted to Scraps column – 
Sometimes just making a sample block, just to try it, can spark all kinds of ideas and get those juices flowing.  The possibilities are truly limitless.
If I can get these issues ready by the end of the weekend, I’ll be just a bit ahead of the game and that feels great.
No Misfits Here!

This is the block for the May/June 2022 issue!
Have you played with this one yet?   I am really loving the patriotic version at the far right. And I love how this block called Windmill will make secondary pinwheels if joined block to block to block.
And then….I’ve GOT to get started on our next Leader & Ender challenge coming up in July.  How are you doing on your Fish School blocks?

No Misfits Here!
What is this?
Is it snowing?
It certainly felt like it – all day long there were petals on the breeze and they are now scattered all over the lawn.  What does this mean?

No Misfits Here!

Bye bye dogwood blossoms!  It’s leafing out time!
No Misfits Here!
I will miss dogwood season until this time next year.  I have loved looking at these gorgeous blossoms up close through the bedroom #2 bay window.
But you also know what that means?  Over the next week the huge old Rhododendron off the front porch is going to burst forth.  And I can’t wait.
Today will prove interesting.  The Hubster has a procedure to be done, and I’ll have to drive him home as he may be a bit woozy afterwards.
I’m headed over to check on the retreat gals, then will come back and pick him up to do his thing – and then the afternoon is up in the air as to how he will be feeling.
It’s drizzly out right now – and I thought I’d take the dogs on my morning outing so the ladies can see Zoey and meet Mabel.  
And the rest of the day?  We are playing it by ear.
How does your Friday look as we head on in to the weekend?
No Misfits Here!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
I firmly believe that we can make big changes in our lives if we start with this one little thing.
Our thoughts determine our actions, our actions bring us to our future.
Which thoughts are you watering today?
Happy Friday, everyone!
No Misfits Here!