February 23, 2024

Monday Already –

Monday Already -
Monday Already -
Let’s start the week with something Quilty!
How about a set of half pineapples blocks –
Which means this top is getting much closer to putting together.  Hooray!
The fabric scraps in these blocks are coming from 2 string bins – blacks and neutrals.
Are they going down in volume? Heck no! They are self-replenishing!
But I don’t mind because that gives me the endless variety that I love to work with.
My best advise for folks making scrap quilts – stop looking at the print on the fabric, or the genre of the fabric.  Look at the color family.  The more variety the better!
Monday Already -
Floors at Quiltville Inn are double-coated and dry!

Monday Already -
We were dry enough to start moving everything back into place yesterday – and yes, everything is wood-floor safe.
Monday Already -
The only thing we have to worry about is rolling suitcases, totes and sewing machine carriers.  Those will need to be carried for a couple of weeks until the floor is fully cured.
No worries – I’ll have Hubster Dave on deck with me to help carry suitcases and totes past the front hall and to the sewing stations so they won’t mar the finish.
Did I mention he is now retired? Yeah – came as a shock to me too. I mean, I knew it was coming, but I didn’t know it would come while I was away in New Zealand and be told about it upon my return.

Monday Already -
Pretty chestnut floors circa 1905.

Monday Already -

The cows are back!
This is a good indicator of spring around here.
I’ve been sharing snippets of my New Zealand trip a bit at a time along with everything else that is going on – It’s fun revisiting what we did on whatever day – 
And this is the day we drove back to Queenstown to fly over to Christchurch.  Click to Play:

Those mountains!
Monday Already -
Yes, hexies were worked on during this trip!

Monday Already -
That is when I wasn’t watching this scenery from the plane –
(Love how agricultural New Zealand is!)

Monday Already -
Or admiring cute cottages from the bus window as wee rolled on by –

Monday Already -
But how do you make quilters (and shop owners) really happy?  Find a bus driver named Jeff who knows about quilting and fabric stores thanks to his wife and daughter and take us to TWO places in one run!

Monday Already -
We are quilters and haven’t pet fabric in 6 or so days.
Let us in here!

Monday Already -
They were in search of New Zealand and Māori prints – and they found them!

Monday Already -
That’s a happy Tena right there!
Monday Already -
One thing I loved about the NZ shops was that they transferred all of their yard goods to short bolts so you could display more variety in a small space. This worked great!

Monday Already -
A Heartful of Sewing is located in a cute little mall with a grocery store and other things, so we were able to do double duty.

Monday Already -

A second store – Fabric Vision
This shop had a lot of garment and home dec fabric – if you need it, it is here.
They also had a corner of quilting cottons and our ladies went right to work in picking up pieces they liked that weren’t seen at Heart Full of Sewing.
I already knew our luggage was going to be a struggle keeping it from going beyond weight limits.
Today – desk day. Seriously desk day.
And having a retired man at my elbow – the struggle is real! LOL! (How do you do it, those of you with retired hubs? For Pete’s sake he is actually VACUUMING upstairs making me feel guilty that I’m not up there doing it!)
Okay Desk Day. Let’s go.
Side note – It has been one month since our Inigo Way reveal.  So the parts are now officially retired and removed from the blog.  Links to PDF parts have also been removed from my website.
I hope to have the PDF pattern booklet ready for purchase (yes, with an sale price for a limited time) on Friday.
I know there is something else I’m forgetting – but if I remember I’ll tell you tomorrow.
Monday Already -

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
Don’t just talk about it.
Whatever it is, don’t put it off any longer!
Much love on Monday from the mountain
Monday Already -