January 26, 2021

Just Another Day in the Scrap Mines! (Gift-Away!)

Just Another Day in the Scrap Mines! (Gift-Away!)
Just Another Day in the Scrap Mines! (Gift-Away!)
Tending the stash is like tending a garden!
You’ve got to gather, cultivate, curate, encourage, dream, plan, and sometimes even “pull the weeds” you aren’t happy with anymore.
Several months back Accuquilt had a sale on custom Studio dies, and I finally put my money where my wish was and ordered up a giant die that had 2 strips at 1.5”, 2 strips at 2” and 2 strips at 2 12” all on one die.
Yesterday was my day to press out a bin of fabric hunks and chunks (Most pieces less than a fat quarter) and pump up my variety in my Scrap User’s System strip drawers.
What you see over the long arm rail here is the result of many hours of sorting, pressing, cutting and hanging by size and color family.
There are even some “weeds” that I bundled up in zip lock bags with the intent of putting them in a big FREE basket for visitors at Quiltville Inn to gather up to enhance their own stashes.
Just Another Day in the Scrap Mines! (Gift-Away!)
That bin is now empty!
The floor is now clean!
But this is what it looked like as I tuned out the world with the rain pounding outside and listened to an audio book as I worked.
I know, it’s hard to tell what’s carpet and what’s fabric!

Just Another Day in the Scrap Mines! (Gift-Away!)
Smaller chunks were set aside to become the large corner triangles for my own ongoing Snail’s Trail project.  Those triangles are not from a strip size I usually keep on hand – so having a place for them to go and be used up is a bonus.
One thing I always try to keep in mind is “What needs to go?!” and always be on the lookout for patchwork ideas that will use what I already have on hand.
Just Another Day in the Scrap Mines! (Gift-Away!)
And then I throw in a couple of favorites to make me happy!
The white fabric with black thimbles has been a favorite neutral for a while.  You can see a piece of blue with candies on it – trimmings from my recent patriotic table runner backing.  In it goes!
Other favorites?  The giraffe fabric (Especially after kissing one in Kenya!) and the retro nurse fabric sent to me by my friend Lynn on commemoration of her 40 years in nursing.  That’s a milestone!
Where would we be without our healthcare workers right now?  Thank you Lynn!
Mixing in favorite new pieces in with the ones I am wanting to sew down makes it a very happy mix for me.

Just Another Day in the Scrap Mines! (Gift-Away!)

Those repurposed zippered coverlet totes have come in handy!  I love keeping my growing stacks of blocks in them, and they are clear so I can see what is in each one.
How many blocks do I have?  Maybe only half of what I need.  So I will keep working on this project in between every thing else that is going on.
If I’m going to make a dent in these piles of small parts – this quilt needs to end up king sized!
I have something EXCITING for you!
Just Another Day in the Scrap Mines! (Gift-Away!)

From the studio floor –
(Did I mention it was raining yesterday?)
Our Forever Mine! kick off sale continues as we get closer to Valentine’s Day!
Because we need to keep the good things going, the introductory price for Forever Mine is marked at 25% off the regular price  ($9.00) and I will keep it at 25% off through Valentine’s Day.  After that, the price reverts to $12.00.
And we are going to gift away a Forever Mine PDF pattern including both the wall quilt/topper and table runner to one lucky winner! 
Not only that – because Valentine’s Day is about love, appreciation, friendship and sharing – I’m going to also send a free Forever Mine pattern to the winner’s friend of their choosing!
What? You want more?
Just Another Day in the Scrap Mines! (Gift-Away!)
Our winner will also receive:
Just Another Day in the Scrap Mines! (Gift-Away!)
If you are looking to enhance your stash for your own version of my Forever Mine quilt, check out these gorgeous pinks, reds, aquas and neutrals designed by Mary Koval for Windham fabrics! 

Mary’s Quilt Shop is happy to pull together a hand picked selection of fat quarters for you!

Mary’s Quilt Shop is in Bedford, Pennsylvania and they are open by appointment during the time of Covid.

Drop Mary an email at Marysquiltshop@comcast.net to arrange an appointment, or place an order to be shipped to you! 
These fabrics are not available for purchase on her website – so drop her an email for a custom fabric pull, just for you!

Just Another Day in the Scrap Mines! (Gift-Away!)

If working with reproduction style fabrics makes your heart flutter – add these to your stash today!
So let’s do this!

We will draw for our winner (And a friend) on Monday morning, February 1st!

PDF patterns may be won by anyone, but fabric prizes must be shipped to a USA address.  If you are outside of the USA, have the fabric bundle sent to a friend within the USA who can forward it on to you.
And with that, it’s time to kick Tuesday into gear!
More fabric sorting, pressing, cutting, anyone?
Just Another Day in the Scrap Mines! (Gift-Away!)

Quiltville Quote of the Day –

Just one more thing that can stop you in your tracks and halter progress!
Chances are, others aren’t thinking what you think they are thinking and what they are thinking likely isn’t about you.
And even is it is about you – does it really matter?
Just keep being you!
Just Another Day in the Scrap Mines! (Gift-Away!)