July 17, 2024

It All Starts WIth One.

It All Starts WIth One.
This is SO good!  Here I’ve dished up 1/2 the small casserole and topped it with some sugar free maple syrup.  I’ll save the second half and warm it up for breakfast tomorrow.
I’ve also been wanting to try this as a savory version minus the sweetener and the berries and adding chopped red pepper, onion, mushrooms and cheese just to shake it up. Maybe throw in some bacon bits?
This whole diabetes thing has given me the gift of curiosity.  What can I make that is healthy, tastes like a party in my mouth and makes me feel like I am not giving up on the things I love.
It All Starts WIth One.

Best shirt ever!

This is what I wore yesterday.

And yes, you can get one too!

It All Starts WIth One.

I did buy tshirts in Ireland and Scotland, but let me tell you my best secret – When luggage is at limits, I will often do some night time shopping from my hotel room and order something to arrive at home about the time of my return.

I didn’t see anything like this while in Scotland, and loved it so much I bought one for me, and one for my dad!
Today was another slow start – as it should be on day 2 of a long 4 day holiday weekend.
This evening I’m headed over to West Jefferson for music in the park with friends.  
Folding chair? Check.
Bug spray? Check
Beverage? Check.
And my toes are ready for tapping.
What plans do you have or this weekend ahead?
It All Starts WIth One.

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
This morning is for rocking on the front porch listening to the wind in the trees and birdsong all around.

Vintage quilt found in Wytheville, Virginia. 

Happy Friday, everyone!

It All Starts WIth One.