March 22, 2023

In Search of Spring –

In Search of Spring -
In Search of Spring -
I woke to 23 degrees and more snow this morning.
I am posting this photo taken last Wednesday to remind me not to lose hope! LOL!
If there’s one thing I know about daffodils – they are resilient and hearty.
I think there is much encouragement from that knowledge – 
Be like the daffodils and keep pushing up through all of the dirt (and snow!)
In Search of Spring -
I was going to crop this photo –
I decided not to.
The bloom in the center was once like the bud on the left – and a partially open blossom like the one on the right – there are stages to everything, correct?
The Quilt Buddies had all departed by 11am yesterday morning, leaving me with a day of 12 loads of laundry and other inn chores to get ready for tomorrow’s Richmond Express arrival.
I am trying to figure out why this year’s Spring Forward time change has thrown me for such a loop – or maybe it’s also weather related, but early afternoon had me pulling curtains over the windows in bedroom 5 and crawling into bed for a long nap much like Goldilocks in the bed that was “just right.”
There went the much thought about sewing time in between loads! LOL!
In Search of Spring -
I barely remembered to take photos for the #igquiltfest2023 that is happening on Instagram.
Yesterday’s prompt was “How do you keep your projects that are in progress organized and ready for next steps? Or the WIP that isn’t currently in progress, and in one place for eventual progress.”⁣
Are we supposed to be organized?? Really?? LOL! Okay, I try – but my method is more of a “knowing where to find everything no matter how messy it looks on the surface” rather than having my studio be “perfection personified and ready for company at any given moment.”
I try – I do. Maybe I really fall somewhere in between.
In Search of Spring -