April 1, 2021

Hopes, Dreams, & First Homes.

Hopes, Dreams, & First Homes.
Hopes, Dreams, & First Homes.
I am emotionally wiped out.  Completely.
In every good way possible – I think the older I get the more it takes to recover from things like moving house.  Or helping someone ELSE move house to start their new lives in a new place.
We left the mountain at about 9am yesterday – and didn’t return until dinner time was later than it should be, and all of us agreed that pancakes, bacon and eggs would be a feast fit for a king after the run around of the day.
I took photos of this gorgeous blooming Bradford pear when we stopped to do one of the many “must do’s” that happen with moving.  While things were being taken care of inside the establishment, I walked Zoey outside hoping she would take care of some business of her own after 1 1/2 hours in the car.

Hopes, Dreams, & First Homes.

She was not impressed with the pine straw mulch on the ground!
Not to mention the rain was a bit pounding – my jacket with hood was not quite sufficient enough and I had forgotten to grab my umbrella when we left as we were taking the hubster’s pickup.
But just LOOK at this tree.  It’s leafing out already!
Up in the Blue Ridge, we are a few weeks behind – we don’t have leaves yet, not to mention blossoms like this.
And the rain was just pelting those pretty petals to the ground like snow.

Hopes, Dreams, & First Homes.
April Showers indeed!

Hopes, Dreams, & First Homes.
This is the sweet little cottage of a house that Jeff, Ashlyn and Casden will be calling home.
Such a cute and solid little place – it is perfect for their little family.
And watching them be so excited as they were handed over the keys – you could see it in their eyes.
They will be filling this abode with love and laughter and so many memories to come.

It might not look very large on top – but it also has a full sized walk out basement, and they are excited about the possibilities of what they can do with the space – their OWN space.
As I watched them I was thinking of our own life of many abodes over the past 40 years that Dave and I have been together (It will be 40 years in August! How did that happen?)
From an apartment to a rented house, to 10 years in a single-wide mobile home way out in the country.  And then the fixer-upper “real house” in a neighborhood we purchased in Payette, Idaho.
When I think of it now, that house was a complete mess – but with hard work and saved funds we turned it into such a wonderful place.  If it weren’t for Dave’s job transfer we could have easily stayed there.
But that move from Payette, ID to Burley, ID took us to another wonderful big old house – quirks and weird bathrooms and all.
All of this, and subsequent houses kept coming to mind as I watched Jeff point out things he loves in this new house – things he wants to change over time.
My boy and his love have their OWN house.  No more rent going down the tubes.  Mortgage and equity and taxes and bills and all.  He’s grown up.  All grown up.
And we are so proud!

Hopes, Dreams, & First Homes.

The house opens up to a wooded lot in back, owned by a neighbor, and nice to know that beautiful view will not be built upon.
They’ve even got a cute little hot tub out back to enjoy.
I think as parents we teeter on the fence of “I wish I could provide more for them so they don’t have to struggle so hard…” and “They are doing it on their own, and this is the way they want to do it and the best thing we can do is encourage and let them figure it out, and watch them grow.” 
Yesterday was so busy that there was not any more photo taking than this.
In true “I’m going to be 5!” fashion, he loved the Spiderman on the back more than the pieced front.  LOL!  And that is okay with me.
Pizza was just arriving along with more friends who came toward evening to help move big stuff like mattresses and couches – and we left them all in good hands.
Jeff said he will shoot me some photos of Casden and his new quilt later. That will be fun.
I really don’t need the photos – I got the HUG to prove he loves it!
I may head down there Friday afternoon – if the bad weather we are expecting somehow passes us by.  
I was asleep by 9pm – but I opened my eyes this morning and instantly smiled thinking about the life ahead for these two hard working grown up kids and what they will conquer together hand-in-hand.
Do you remember your first home?  Any stories to tell?  Please share the quirks, the crazies, the sweetness in the comments section below!
Today – Oh, Today.  I’m thinking about that monster of a Snail’s Trail quilt, and getting it loaded.  I have in mind the design I want to quilt it with – I’m thinking of thread colors.
Don’t forget to enter our March Quilty Box Gift-Away ON THAT POST!  Drawing to happen on Monday – 
Hopes, Dreams, & First Homes.

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
Vintage diamond star quilt found in Kentucky.
Did you know that the first clear and widespread mentions of April Fool’s Day occurred in the 18th century?
For 300 years April 1st has been full of pranks and pranksters!
Watch your back, but have fun while doing it! Happy April, everyone! ⁣
Hopes, Dreams, & First Homes.