May 23, 2022

Hearts of Hope Love!

Hearts of Hope Love!
Hearts of Hope Love!
This week has reaffirmed to me just WHY we make quilts.  And keep making quilts.
“I think I’ll make JUST ONE quilt.” Said NO QUILTER EVER!
As quilters we all know the call.  
Someone is graduating.  Must make a quilt!
Someone is getting married.  Must make a quilt!
Someone is having a baby.  Must make a quilt!
Someone is moving away.  Must make a quilt!
Someone is retiring.  Must make a quilt!

Someone is recovering from surgery or illness.  Must make a quilt!
Someone is mourning the loss of a loved one.  Must make a quilt!
Children in crisis.  Must make a quilt!
Women’s shelter needs.  Must make a quilt!
Military recognition.  Must make a quilt!
This is why we do what we do.  And we do it with all we are capable of, putting our hearts, hopes, prayers and well wishes into each patch with each and every stitch.
Hearts of Hope Love!
Here is Martha’s petite sweet mama next to the recipient of Martha’s Hearts of Hope quilt in patriotic red white and blue.
A special quilt for an adopted in family member, an Army soldier undergoing chemo for cancer and dang well headed to beat it.
THIS is why we quilt.  It’s not for the awards and ribbons from fancy shows and monetary recognition.  It’s for moments like this.  When the gifted comfort of a quilt provides the warmth and physical presence of love when we can’t always be with that person.
It’s a visual tactile reminder that they are never alone.
This is why we quilt.
Hearts of Hope Love!
Okay, and these girls love quilts too!
Yesterday was a busy hurry up and wait kind of day.
I headed over to Quiltville Inn to spend about an hour with the ladies before coming back home to take the hubster to his procedure.
We had coffee on the porch, so I spread out the double-knit log cabin (purchased for $5.00 at Goodwill about 20 years ago and indestructable1) And tethered Mabel and Zoey  so they’d leave the ladies at the tables be.
Oh, these faces!
It was the perfect “short” visit to introduce Mabel to everyone and for Zoey to say “Welcome back!”
Hearts of Hope Love!
This was my view.  For a LONG TIME.
I was glad that I had my tablet with me.  Caught up on email? Yep.  Checked out all the social media platforms I needed to peek in on?  Yep.  
I’m just going to put this out here bluntly.  The Hubster is 62.  I have been BEGGING him since he turned 50 to get his colonoscopy.  He wouldn’t do it because he was afraid of the PREP.  Afraid of spending too much time on the toilet?  LET’S GET REAL HERE!
Finally his doctor said the right words and yesterday was the day along with an endoscopy to check some things going on in his throat as well.
I didn’t know whether to be so grateful (Yes I was)  or spew out the I TOLD YOU SO card.
Mostly I just cried.  We are waiting for biopsy results.  The doc didn’t think we have anything to be worried about, but we need to be sure.
I stood there talking to the nurse before he went in to the exam commiserating the fact that I don’t understand the big deal. Why are men such weenies? (Yes, I said that!)
As a woman I have pushed 3 human beings out into the world from the inside of my body.  I have my breasts mashed with regular yearly mammograms.  I endure the indignity of pap smear exams on schedule when needed for my own safety.  I had my first colonoscopy at 51, and I’ll have another one likely this coming winter.
And men don’t want to sit on the toilet.
Tell me again why men are running most of this country?
I bit my cheek to hold back the chuckle that threatened to emerge when the doc said “We’ll see you back in TWO YEARS.”
I will dang well be sure he is there for that one.
And if you haven’t had your colonoscopy – please go get it.  It’s so important.  Those polyps could have become cancerous.  And it is something that other alternatives like “Colo Guard” tests won’t pick up UNTIL they have gone beyond and turned cancerous.  By then it may be too late.
By the time I made it back to the retreat it was nearly 5pm – and I was so emotionally worn through all I could do is sit with a beverage and chat.  No sewing.
But there was lemon cake.

Hearts of Hope Love!
Lilacs bursting forth.

I so wish you could smell this!

Hearts of Hope Love!

The little blossoms are almost all open now!
Hearts of Hope Love!

Yes, another Maymont reject photo!
Nice view of the recycle bin by the door.  LOL!
I’m still hoping for Monday release on this one.  The Muddy Creek Misfits head home tomorrow so I should get some Sunday afternoon desk time to fine tune everything and get it ready.
Be watching for special introductory pricing – the PDF pattern will be available at a discount in both the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Store.
Yes, the Gift-Away for two winners will also include gorgeous fabric color rolls from Cotton to Quilts.
Today – I’m back at the machine hoping to make more progress on getting all of the blocks for my 2023 Addicted to Scraps columns in Quiltmaker Magazine ready.
And that porch at Quiltville Inn is beckoning –
Hearts of Hope Love!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
I love this quote! There is one more line that goes:⁣
“You are a swirling vortex of limitless potential!”
I felt like it fit this quilt photo perfectly.⁣
I was walking through an antique mall in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 2016 on the way to the airport and I found this beautiful well worn 1990s Mariner’s Compass design by Judy Mathieson underneath a stack of other linens in a basket. Somebody expertly pieced this! The stitching was incredible.
My thoughts run this way: At some point all of the brand new sparkling quilts we are making today may become a bit outdated, perhaps well worn and fading, ⁣
But they will tell the story of a quiltmaker’s passion with fabric, needle and thread.⁣
At that point, I hope people will look beyond the now dated fabric and the styles and the name brands, and see our lives in our quilts.

And with that, I’ll wish you all a wonderful weekend.

(With an undertone of “Please go schedule your colonoscopy!”)
Much love –

Hearts of Hope Love!