April 7, 2021

Green, Green – It’s Green They Say –

Green, Green - It's Green They Say -
Green, Green - It's Green They Say -
I had a lovely little drive on my “outings day” to take care of some much needed things.
And there couldn’t have been a better day for a drive than this gorgeous April Tuesday.
It’s like someone somewhere flipped a switch.
Less than a week ago we had snow falling (Last Thursday I believe)
We had crazy hail and torrential rain – morning temps hovering around 18f.  CRAZYTOWN weather.
But yesterday?
The green is back!  YAY!
Green, Green - It's Green They Say -
I loved the difference in texture with the as-to-yet-be-plowed-under corn field –
And the green fields and farms a bit further back –
And my glorious blue ridge mountains continuing beyond.
Green, Green - It's Green They Say -
Hello, Jack! I haven’t seen you since last fall!
It’s always fun to take a different route, even if it might not be the most direct just to see what is changing, what is blooming, and who is watching as I drive on by.
This morning as I’m writing this post I have ONE song running through my mind – a song that I used to sing with my dad while he played guitar – I couldn’t have been more than 8 or 9 at the time, even though the song was popular and on the radio when I was about a year old.
Do you remember this?

Green, Green by the New Christy Minstrels.
You are welcome for the ear worm!
Green, Green - It's Green They Say -

And I am happy with the new hair cut!

Green, Green - It's Green They Say -
The Old Fields Woolen Mill down below Quiltville Inn
I still have not gone down to poke around this place.  The grass at the bottom edge of the photo is my property- and a little creek runs in a ravine between my property and the mill – 
In my mind there are so many echoes of the past as I imagine what the sounds would be like with machines running, people coming and going. I wonder what life was like in this place during the heyday of mill towns such as this.

Green, Green - It's Green They Say -

Scrap Bin Explosion!
I’m doing a semi-clean-up of where all of the mess from the Snail’s Trail aka Rockabilly Swing quilt was built.
As it goes with scrap quilts, it feels that there is just as much left as there was when I started.
I tend to call it “Fabric Particle Theory” Meaning that the volume never diminishes, the pieces just get smaller in size.
I tend to agree.  So I just must keep on sewing!
While this bin is here (It’s the one “scrappy everything bin” where the other strings and pieces bins are in color families) I am thinking of other fun ways to keep sewing it up.
It’s here – so why not?  But what?
A couple of things are in queue, but due to yesterday’s Green Green runabout, no sewing machine time happened.
But I did round another corner on the Rockabilly Swing quilt’s binding – and that seemed to be enough for yesterday!
Green, Green - It's Green They Say -
Such a beautiful finish, Lorraine!  I would love to see this in a totally scrappy version – maybe with a black background? Wouldn’t that be awesome?
It’s another glorious April day out there – our temps stayed in the 50’s overnight.  That is such a huge change from last week – dare we think we are firmly into spring now?
It’s making it hard for me to even WANT to spend another day at my desk, but if I’m going to have Catching Rainbows ready to release – some desk time has to happen.
What do you have in store for this lovely Wednesday ahead?
Green, Green - It's Green They Say -

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
Even givers need to learn when to say no and mean it.

Saying no in some circumstances is a form of self-protection. 

You have the right to say no to situations and people that threaten your peace of mind or well-being.
Just file that away for the next time you might need it, and have a terrific Wednesday!
Green, Green - It's Green They Say -