October 18, 2020

Frost is on the Pumpkins!

Frost is on the Pumpkins!
Frost is on the Pumpkins!

It’s like flipping a switch.

We had our first frost on Friday night – this photo was taken over the cabin by drone yesterday morning.
We’ve passed our peak of color.  There are still beautiful leaves to see, but more and more, the trees are becoming bare.
It’s time for spiced cider, for warm bowls of soup and other comfort foods.
Time to don the wool socks, the warmer boots, that extra layer of denim shirt, or sweat shirt or sweater.
It’s time for cold noses and red cheeks.

Frost is on the Pumpkins!
Blooming things can still be found – for just a while yet!

Frost is on the Pumpkins!

We chose the warmest part of the day and a group of 5 went for a leg stretch along the New River, up Round House road.
You’ve seen many of these views before, but it always makes me smile when new folks are seeing it with me for the first time.  I love to look at things through their eyes.
Frost is on the Pumpkins!
I love the conversations full of speculation when it comes to viewing the old abandoned places.
These are the places that tug at my heartstrings too – and I wish I could have a glimpse of just what they were like, who lived there, what were the life experiences – during the time when these houses were homes.

Frost is on the Pumpkins!
We saw SEVERAL Wooly Bear caterpillars!
Frost is on the Pumpkins!
Cloudless blue skies and abundant sunshine – perfect for walking down a long and winding dirt road.
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Burbling brooks – I love this sound!
Frost is on the Pumpkins!
Five friends at the NC/VA state line.
Frost is on the Pumpkins!

I’m having so much fun with this project – and I know you will too.  
When I asked myself if I wanted to do more – the answer came as “Why not? You are here to sew on something YOU want to sew on.”  And let’s face it – there is no shortage of variety in the green string bin.
Frost is on the Pumpkins!

She writes:
“Made this one to fit my kitchen table. I believe all those flying geese are from another Bonnie quilt? Who knows! They were in my stash!”

Frost is on the Pumpkins!

“I enjoyed making Appalachian Autumn so much. I barely had enough orange strings to make the leaves so went with a plain border, my grays are pretty weak too so I’ll be shopping for grays when I can. 

However after seeing all the great examples from other Quiltvillians I have decided to dig into my reds, browns, yellows and greens to start another one! Thanks Bonnie for another great design!!”
It’s currently 34 degrees as I type this post.  We are heading toward a high of 60, so that sounds like a perfect Sunday ahead.
The Muddy Creek Misfits will be packing up and heading home by 3pm this afternoon.  It has been so great having them here.
Loads of after-retreat laundry ahead!  LOVE IT!
How are things shaping up for your Sunday?
Frost is on the Pumpkins!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
Vintage star quilt from my collection found in North Carolina.
When Rumi said, “The words we speak become the house we live in,” he meant to say that what we think, say, believe, and feel constructs a single vantage point from which we experience all of life and all of ourselves: the human mind. 

They effect how we see and experience the world we live in and how we view others. It can become a tainted filter through which we view everything. 

Guard your words – the ones you think, speak, hear and read before they take control of everything. It is happening all around us! 

A bit longwinded, but good for a Sunday think! 
Enjoy a lovely Sunday!
Frost is on the Pumpkins!