January 12, 2021

From Snails Trails to Snowballs – and a Gift-Away!

From Snails Trails to Snowballs - and a Gift-Away!
From Snails Trails to Snowballs - and a Gift-Away!
And the snow came down, and swirled around, covering my world with a beautiful blanket of white –
It also made it so there was no way to get the van up to the top of the drive on my return trip home from the QPO – the only thing to do was plan to leave the van parked there overnight, and have the hubster and Zoey come rescue me and get me back home up to the cabin.
There were still hours ahead until 5pm pick up time – so I did some of this!
And as I post this – ONE of those center 4 patches is in the wrong position.  IT STAYS!  There is no picking that out.

From Snails Trails to Snowballs - and a Gift-Away!
Can you spot the wrong 4 patch now?  What a headache!
My pile of block quarters had been slowly amassing.
I wanted a good stack before putting them together – avoiding too much of the same thing ending up next to the other same thing – but it still happens!  The fabric knows where it wants to go!
It was an afternoon of “Body of Evidence” with a quick peek on the snow situation beyond my windows.  Click to Play:

It came down all afternoon, wet and heavy – just like this!

From Snails Trails to Snowballs - and a Gift-Away!

Not one – but THREE DUPLICATES in this block?!
HOW did that happen??
It is not coming back apart.
And I just love these whacky fabric combinations!
The drive home was nice – yes, it was a small inconvenience to leave the van parked behind the Quiltville Post Office, but being picked up in a big 4WD truck, all warm and toasty inside has its side benefits too!
This action happened while waiting for dinner to cook.  Click to Play:

A fun end to a snowy great day!
With all this winter fun, I thought it would be a great time to offer up another great Winter Blues Gift-Away!
From Snails Trails to Snowballs - and a Gift-Away!

This time a gorgeous selection of fat quarters in favorite shades of Blue & Neutral – perfect for enhancing your stash and a lovely addition to your OWN Winter Blues quilt!

If you are looking to enhance your your Blues stash for your own version of my Winter Blues quilt, check out these gorgeous blues and neutrals designed by Mary Koval for Windham fabrics! 

 Mary’s Quilt Shop is happy to pull together a hand picked selection of fat quarters for you!

Mary’s Quilt Shop is in Bedford, Pennsylvania and they are open by appointment during the time of Covid.

Drop Mary an email at Marysquiltshop@comcast.net to arrange an appointment, or place an order to be shipped to you! 
These fabrics are not available for purchase on her website – so drop her an email.
From Snails Trails to Snowballs - and a Gift-Away!

The winner will receive a bindle of Mary Koval’s blue and neutral fat quarters, AND I am throwing in a PDF copy of Winter Blues to go with it!
Winner must have fabrics shipped to a USA address.

We will draw for our winner on Saturday morning, January 16th!
If you live outside the USA, you may have the fabrics shipped to someone you know within the USA who can forward the package on to you.
What’s ahead for Tuesday?  It’s a designated desk day.  There are some exciting things happening VERY SOON, just around the corner!
Would you like a sneak peek?
From Snails Trails to Snowballs - and a Gift-Away!

Something super sweet coming right up!

I’m off and running – my chariot awaits.  I get a ride down to the QPO this morning as the van is – yep. Still there.
We will determine before coming home time what needs to happen.  I have a chiropractor appointment this afternoon – I’m sure I can drive the roads and highways just fine, it is just this uber steep driveway to the cabin that is the challenge.  It may be another night of parking elsewhere.
How about your Tuesday ahead?  Are you making progress on your Grassy Creek quilt?
From Snails Trails to Snowballs - and a Gift-Away!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
This one needs constant relearning again and again in our own human experience.
Just think on this one today and come back to it any time you need reinforcement!
I can also repeat this to myself removing the “about you” and just leave it as “You have no control over what others THINK.”
And don’t you just love the positive/negative blocks and the yummy faded Indigo blues?
Have an awesome Tuesday, everyone!
From Snails Trails to Snowballs - and a Gift-Away!