October 16, 2020

Friendly Friday Ahead!

Friendly Friday Ahead!
Friendly Friday Ahead!
Weekend Project! Full Steam Ahead!
I have a group visiting, and I am jumping right in and retreating with them as heaven knows I’ve been working my butt off behind the scenes with mystery preparations – This girl needs some FUN!
I posted a tiny sneak preview of what I am working on in Monday’s Post.  Did you catch it?
The funky backing for Nearly Lemoyne will have to wait until after the weekend.  And that is okay with me – it’s always good to wait when faced with the job of chopping heads/arms/legs off winged baby cherubs aka toile.  LOL!

Friendly Friday Ahead!

Can I just state how good it felt to be string piecing away while listening to the chatter and laughter of other like-minded women?
And I know there are those out there tisk-tisking me for hosting retreats, but let me say with the protocols we have in place, we are safer than ANY restaurant or other public business out there (And may I even say schools or churches) full of people who you don’t know where they have been, what they have been in contact with, what they have been doing.
All who retreat at Quiltville Inn must quarantine and shelter at home for 2 weeks before coming to keep each other safe.
They must also keep any “away from home” trips to the store to a minimum.  No eating inside restaurants which have proven to be super spreaders. Take out only. No church – go virtual for the two weeks before coming. Stay away from any kind of gathering or crowd.
If they need to shop – wear a mask. This is VERY IMPORTANT.
Every member of the retreat group is responsible for keeping the other group members safe, and Quiltville Inn free from Covid.
We ask for no shop-hopping as the groups travel to the inn, asking that they save that for their return trip home. 
Gas stop, restroom break, drive-through lunch break should be the only things happening on their way here.
The retreaters need to do all they can to not bring Covid to my area, and while here – they will stay at the house – no trips to “town” for shop-hopping so that they also don’t bring Covid back to the retreat, nor take anything that they caught in town here back to their own homes.
It’s Quilters Lock Down on retreat, but we have a great time while you are here – and if everyone abides by this folks should be safe in the house and grounds while they are here.
We are well within the county/state guidelines and likely much safer than any public space elsewhere.
My housekeeping team spends TWO DAYS sanitizing everything before any group arrives.
And that is all I am going to explain on this subject – and let you know that any contrary comments will not be published.

Friendly Friday Ahead!
Oooh..these greens are going to be fun!
Just wait and see what they become!
Friendly Friday Ahead!
A beautiful yet hazardous tree!
There are SO MANY walnuts on this tree, and they are free falling by the bucket load every day.  Dinner was on the porch last night – likely the last time that will work for evening meals as we are supposed to get a real cold snap starting this evening with temps dipping down into the 30s.
The evening was LOVELY last night – to the sound of walnuts dropping heavily to the ground at any given moment.  Stay away from beneath this tree!  You could find yourself conked on the head by a dropping walnut!
It was after 10pm before I headed home to my own bed.  And today we do it again!
Friendly Friday Ahead!
Ivy!  What’s in there?
This is the basement studio at the cabin, under my Accuquilt Studio table.
It turns out that she had cornered a very small yellow-necked garden snake – a TINY one.
Yes, it’s the mountains, and this is country life.  It’s getting colder outside and critters want in where its warm.
When she finally got it out to the center of the room, I scooped the poor terrified little guy into a paper towel and set it free on the lawn.
How it survives from there is up to the snake – it is NOT going to winter over in my house!
Friendly Friday Ahead!

She writes:
“Even the red was a scrap from a backing  and the backing had leaves in each of the 3 pieces.”
It is absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you so much for sharing!
She writes:
Punkin Patch Quilt by Bonnie K. Hunter. Loved making this fun quilt, thank you so much Bonnie. I have the table runner on my kitchen table. This quilt is washed and packed up ready to go to a retreat this week on my bed. Appaliachian Autumn is cut out and ready to work on. Thanks so much again Bonnie.”
It’s just beautiful, Jan!  Have a wonderful and safe retreat!
She writes:
Punkin’ Patch table runner turned into table topper. All ready for the fall holidays.”
I just love seeing what you are making, be it pumpkins, autumn leaves, or more!
Punkin Patch table runner pattern is available in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store for just $5.00 through the month of October! No coupon code needed.
My book String Frenzy contains the full sized Punkin Patch quilt pattern. 
I am itching to get stitching back over at Quiltville Inn so I better get a move on!
Anything fun happening for your Friday ahead?
Friendly Friday Ahead!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –

It is not up to anyone or everyone else to create your happy environment. 💗

That comes only from within you. 🤗
Friendly Friday Ahead!