April 18, 2024

Finders Keepers!

Finders Keepers!
Finders Keepers!

It doesn’t look like much.

But this has been a job of heavy lifting and relocation.

All of the big rocks that have been pulled out of the side yard at QUiltville Inn have been moved and placed along the edge of the parking area.

we’ve got some incoming rain – and I’m sure that the rain we get over the next while will help wash the dirt off the rocks – not that I care all that much.

It’s just nice for folks to know how far they should pull up – or not!

Finders Keepers!
Hubster Dave found this bottle under the dirt and called me over. It was grimy and full of crud – and I took it right in to wash it out and see what it was – the writing wasn’t discernable, but we knew it said SOMETHING.
After much washing and bottle-brushing it became clear – 
It’s a Hinds Honey & Almond Cream bottle produced in Bloomington NJ.
Finders Keepers!
The label lists the company at Bloomfield, New Jersey so this must have been made after 1925 – probably in the 1930s. 
Prior to that, the company was located in Portland, Maine.
Finders Keepers!
It was a fun little rabbit hole to dive into – wondering what the house was like in the 1930s, what the ladies were wearing – what kind of meals were cooked in the kitchen, the music that may bave been playing from a “wireless” –
And just why was this bottle discarded in the dirt behind the rocks?
Finders Keepers!
Laughing at the thought of my hands being made soft, white and alluring.. LOL!
Finders Keepers!
Another find from a couple weeks ago –
I thought I posted about this one – it was found buried down by where the daffodils are on the hill below the back porch.

Finders Keepers!
This one has a marking – but no label –
I’m assuming it was for some kind of salve or ointment?

Finders Keepers!

It resides on a little shelf in the kitchen with other old bottle finds from the property.
It seems that trash was just dumped out the back – and some of these bottles have survived over the past 140 years that the house has stood here.

Finders Keepers!

Down under this hill – are there more treasures waiting to be discovered?
It has me thinking about getting a metal detector…

And yes – the cattle were out in rare form yesterday with much mooing back and forth going on.

Finders Keepers!
I had barely gotten a start on assembling my diagonal rows for Square Pegs – and the power went out, leaving the next row only half attached to the ‘mother ship’.
I waited around for 20 minutes or so to see if it would come back on.
The generator was humming loudly giving power to the inn, but the QPO is not attached to that generator so I was without power and no internet to boost my cell signal enough to call home.
So I locked everything up tight and just headed home.
I sat at my hand quilting and watched a movie for a while – what else can a girl do?
Click to Play:

Today I’m hoping for better!  I’d like to see that mess on my design floor become a quilt top.  Wouldn’t that be grand?
Finders Keepers!
Official release date on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback is TODAY!
You’ll be able to find all of Bruce’s titles HERE

If you like the mystery genre with a whole lot of quilting (And Paducah!) thrown in, you are going to love this series.

Finders Keepers!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –

The hard part for me is letting go of the need for control and trusting that better things are on the horizon.

⁣We can mourn the changes, or we can look at them as an exciting adventure. I choose adventure!

Vintage nine patch quilt found in North Carolina.

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!

Finders Keepers!