October 7, 2022

Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)

Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)
Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)
If you can imagine this crew –
My mom, her 2 sisters and brother, and 2 spouses.  And me with the boot removed from my foot only the day before picking them up at the airport.
My mom at 81 with some hip and sciatica issues, my aunt with bad knees, my uncle with leg/heart issues, my own foot being slow to cooperate – it was quite hysterical, but we got out and did what we could and I’m so glad we didn’t let our various ailments and challenges stop us from trying!
We took a short walk along the New River – and while some wandered and looked at scenery others pulled out phone apps to determine which plant was what.  Isn’t technology amazing?

Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)
Uncle Steve & Uncle Tony at the river’s edge.
Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)
It was a gorgeous morning, and yes – the leaves are just barely turning!  Over the week they were here we saw quite a progression.
Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)
Checking out the various plants with the phone app!
I think the app they were using was called SEEK.  It will identify all kinds of things from plants to insects, etc.
Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)
Wave, everyone!
And YES! There has been some progress on the Round House reconstruction.  The “long long trailer” has even been moved into a new position.
Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)
And the backhoe has been doing some digging!
(Every time I see one of these I think of the children’s book “Are YOU my mother?”  LOL!)
Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)
Big pile o’ dirt.
There is SOMETHING going on here!
Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)

Steve & Kathryn.
Steve & Kathryn are the ones who live “ON RINGO LAKE!” in Spicer, Minnesota.  Kathryn is the recipient of my own On Ringo Lake quilt.
Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)
Back home at the inn – my darling mama let her inner 10 year old out to play – isn’t she precious at 81?

Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)

Seeing these photos and writing the captions – I’m missing them all already, but especially my mom.  
We live on opposite ends of the country.  The past 3 years of Covid have been very difficult. to have her here has been the greatest gift.
Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)
Son Jeff even came up to spend time – I am so grateful.
There is more to come, but I will admit to not taking as many photos as I normally would have.  I set my phone aside and just participated with family, living in each moment instead of trying to capture them all from behind my phone.
Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)
And of course you saw that yesterday was the pattern release for Ditch Lilies!
Yesterday was a 6 hour round trip to the airport in Charlotte and back so I didn’t even know how things were going before I returned home last evening.
WOW!  Just WOW!  I am so thrilled that you are liking this quilt!
Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)
I’ve given you a few teasers on this quilt – you’ve watched me work on Ditch Lilies as it came to be, and even helped me decide on the name (Which I love!) and now it is available in PDF pattern form for you to make too.
If you love bear paw units, blocks that chain, and log cabin blocks – this is the quilt for you!

And yes, I know the gift-away sign up was a bit different.  My regular way of using a 3rd party app to collect names and email addresses was not working. That site must have been having issues.
So on the gift-away post you’ll find a google docs form.  Just put in your name and email address.  The only thing it doesn’t do is tally the total number of entries we’ve had so that you can see – but I can on a spreadsheet.
Please only enter once.
Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)
Such a great way to enhance your own stash of yummy oranges!
Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)

Summer Sunshine!

Ditch Lilies has been added to the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Store

The introductory price has been marked 25% off – no coupon needed.  Sale price good through 9/30/22.

Scrappy Summer Blossoms in sunshine colors from your scrap stash! Easy to follow instructions, full color photos and graphics to guide you from beginning to binding!

Quilt Size: 90’’ X 90’’

Optional but helpful: Bonnie K. Hunter’s Essential Triangle Tool and either the Simple folded Corners ruler, or the Simple Folded Corners Mini.

Traditional rotary cutting methods are given for those who don’t have access to these rulers.

Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)

And don’t forget that Appalachian Autumn is ALSO on sale at 25% off through 9/30/22!  Hurry and save on both!

Today – as I try to put the pieces back together and get back to my regular routine, my heart is full of memories and love of family.

There have been a few tears shed since dropping everyone off.  It’s all good!

Today is for finishing up the laundry and returning everything to its place to make ready for Susan’s Quilters arriving on retreat tomorrow afternoon. (Here we go again!)

I may even sew today – wouldn’t that be lovely?

How about you? Any plans?

Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)

Quiltville Quote of the Day –

In the unforgettable words of Mary Poppins, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!” 

Carolina Chain quilt from my Addicted to Scraps book available in the Quiltville Store.

It’s Tuesday! Let’s make the most of it!

Family Visit Recap! (Where to Start?)