April 3, 2021

Down the Mountain, and Back Up Again!

Down the Mountain, and Back Up Again!
Down the Mountain, and Back Up Again!
The quilting continues on the Snail’s Trail –
My time was cut a bit short yesterday by a little trip back down the mountain to Jonesville, NC – moving help for Ashlyn and Jeff being offered up freely.
For independent kids – isn’t it wonderful when they finally cave and accept the physical help that is being offered when it comes to big things like moving house? 
Besides, I got a chance to see Casden, and got a big kick out of him being SO proud of his new room and showing me where his toys and puzzles were, and where he is now putting this or that.  So much fun!
If you are wondering what is on the top of the quilt here – it is a rug protector, placed pokey side up to keep Lola from turning the whole thing into a hammock when I am not there.
Down the Mountain, and Back Up Again!
And other than the quilting machine running – sometimes the only other sewing that can happen is mending the corner of a fitted sheet.
I did it.  I had been putting it off.  But I did it.
And the thing that took the longest was changing the thread color top and bottom to WHITE.  Why is that so hard? LOL !  Why did I grumble about that so much – a simple thread color change?
5 minutes and done.
While this was going on – Jason and the Hubster were installing a new door in the far corner of the garage/shop next to Quiltville Inn.
Down the Mountain, and Back Up Again!
So there was this weird wall here when we bought the place.  The previous owners had planned on turning the garage/shop into a suite while turning the house itself into a B&B.
They stopped for whatever reason, and instead of finishing this bathroom which has the plumbing, shower drain and more already done – they walled it off so it was only accessible from the OUTSIDE of the building.  (Okay, weird, I know!)
Our plan?  To put a commercial style washer/dryer out here.  
The garage/shop is climate controlled with a Mitsubishi split unit providing a/c and heat. It is well insulated. It is on its own meter separate from the house. There is no danger of freezing pipes. It is going to be a great space for doing MORE laundry.
The washer/dryer in the inn is normal sized, it works well, but on average there are 4 loads of sheets, 3 loads of blankets, 2 – 3 loads of white bath towels/hand towels and 1-2 loads of colored headwraps, washcloths, kitchen towels, etc. going down.  MORE if folks use the coverlets instead of bringing their own quilts to sleep under. 12 coverlets = 4 more loads.
We are talking a minimum of 12 loads of laundry on the 2 vacant days in between retreats – and it isn’t that the laundry is HARD – it just takes TIME to do that much.
So another laundry space is needed to get it all done faster and more efficiently.
We need to decide on something like a small hot water heater – or go “on demand” for hot water for the laundry. We are leaning toward Speed Queen side by side. (No more front loaders in my life – ever!)

Little by little we keep pouring everything back in to this place and eventually it will be more than we ever dreamed – because it already IS everything we dreamed!

Down the Mountain, and Back Up Again!
Last night’s sunset over Wilson Creek.
One of the other reasons I went down to Jonesville yesterday was to celebrate Ashlyn’s 2nd Covid shot.  No one in the midst of moving, who just went through the emotional moment of pandemic inoculations should have to cook their own dinner!
The four of us headed to a close and cute little Mexican place to celebrate.  We visited a bit longer and I headed back home.

Down the Mountain, and Back Up Again!

I’m feeling that in-between-projects stall out.
Do you ever get that way?  I’ve been so gung-ho on getting the Snail’s Trail quilt done – push, push, push, push, WRESTLE!
And it is close, and soon I’ll have MILES of binding to be filling my evening feet up hours.
But faced with some extra time I needed SOMETHING to work on.
These are some shorter more ragged strips from my stash that I’d like to see going into something.  Most of them are what remains after our 
Another project I started on the side several months back as my Easy Breezy Leader & Ender challenge quilt was competed and I needed another thing to take its place. (How are you coming on yours? New one starts in JULY!)
Down the Mountain, and Back Up Again!

Sewing in pairs and subcutting by Accuquilt.
I’m still on a big mission to sew up the scraps and clear them out.  I don’t really have a firm idea where this is going yet, but it will be something – whatever it is. LOL!
So here I am on Saturday morning. Tomorrow is Easter.  It still feels like a weird one.
For one thing, it is 24 degrees out!  Clear and frozen.  No hiking is likely to happen.
With just the 3 of us here, we are going easy – steaks on the grill, baked potatoes, salad, dessert – plenty of food for the 3 of us, but we seem to have gotten out of the full holiday meal routine, and I’m grateful. 
Perhaps some movie watching and feet up binding will happen as we spend the day together.
Jason is planning on hitting the road this next week and we will miss him!
And the rest, we are just playing by ear.
Any plans for your Easter weekend ahead?
This is my last reminder to sign up for our March Quilty Box Gift-Away ON THAT POST!  Drawing to happen on Monday – Will I be drawing YOU?
Down the Mountain, and Back Up Again!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
Say this three times to yourself. ⁣
And then reach a little bit further than you think possible!
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! We’ll see you back here on Monday!
Down the Mountain, and Back Up Again!