February 23, 2024

Desk Days On End!

Desk Days On End!
Desk Days On End!

Some days are full of ordinary chores, the crossing out of things off the to-do list.
Some days the camera doesn’t come out of my pocket at all and then I wonder just what I’m supposed to write about when facing a blank post the next morning.
This was kind of my yesterday – but you know what? It was nice even if no photos were taken to inspire or capture anyone’s imagination.
Oh – there were photos taken.  But mostly they were supplemental step-out photos of unit options for my Winter Cardinal pattern – still hoping to release on Friday!
“Don’t you take photos while you are making the quilt? That would seem to be the easiest thing!”
Yes, I do.  But sometimes when I go to write the pattern, the shot just isn’t right. Or it needs more detail.
And I often don’t make the quilt using ALL of the options for the units – so I have to double back and present another way.
Sometimes I forget a step.
And then sometimes when I start writing it all down, it bounces around too much to be coherent and I try to work out another way that makes more sense to the reader who is diving in.
So maybe the problem isn’t enough photos – it’s too many?
Desk Days On End!


But I’m so happy with this photo –
Even if I didn’t get to take it in the snow.
My hope for Winter Cardinal was to get a great shot with snow to make those reds and grays really stand out, but it didn’t happen.
Still – the sunlight was great, the wind didn’t happen – and we are that much closer to having this thing done and ready for Friday.
I’m up to the pieced border on Winter Cardinal. We’ll get there.
The PDF pattern booklet will include the Star of Hope blocks as a bonus. Paper piecing templates will be included for all blocks in both the Winter Cardinal and Star of Hope quilts.
(Paper piecing is recommended for the alternate star block as the rotary cutting is insane if you wish to traditionally piece the block in this size.)
Traditional piecing can be used for the main block in Winter Cardinal.  More to come on that.
Other things that happened – Beds are made – pillows are fluffed, things are looking cozy.  Housekeeper Susan is working her magic and adding sparkle to the place.
We’ll be ready for February Quiltvillians to arrive this afternoon.
And since we have to wait a couple more weeks until things can be wheeled across the floor – the newly retired Hubster Dave will be on hand to valet suitcases up to people’s bedrooms and carry rolling machine cases and any other rolling totes to sewing stations.
Everyone will help each other.
The smell is MUCH MUCH better.  I may open the windows for a few hours before everyone arrives – but it is still February and open windows all the time won’t work.
Pre-New Zealand, There Was This:
Desk Days On End!
Lucky enough to have a window seat over the Grand Canyon as we got closer to Los Angeles.
I have never been to the Grand Canyon.  That is on my must do list.
I was flying in a day early so I’d be there for my New Zealand flight that left the next evening – only it never left, remember? 
Oh, the innocence of not knowing what lied ahead when this photo was taken! LOL!

Desk Days On End!
A bit hazy – but downtown LA is right there.
It’s already way too peopley!
I met up with Xenia and Nola who would also be my travel companions while on our New Zealand adventure.
If left to my own devices, I probably would have gotten dinner at or near the hotel – maybe walked somewhere within a mile radius, and kept things rather easy.
But Xenia – AKA Adventure Girl – was all about getting out and around. “You can go anywhere by Uber!”  Well okay then!
I dumped my bags at the hotel, and they and the Uber driver picked me up and off we went to Manhattan Beach for dinner.  I am so glad we did this.  Much better than what was around the hotel.
The next morning – we were off in another Uber to hit a couple fabric shops and have lunch near the Santa Monica pier.  Because – ADVENTURE!

Desk Days On End!
Our first selfie in front of Fabric Planet!

Desk Days On End!

Desk Days On End!
Such a cute and friendly fluffy guy!
Fabric Planet turned out to be more about home dec fabrics and trims – but there were some cottons on long rolls.  I bought a half yard of a neutral I found interesting.  Nola and Xenia also found little notions and fun things in the trims – including embroidery floss for our Kiwi project in New Zealand.
Desk Days On End!
Crossing the bridge to the pier.

Desk Days On End!
Did you know that Santa Monica pier is the end of Route 66? Now you do!

Desk Days On End!
Having friends willing to take photos is so much better than a selfie, any day!  But yes – it was super windy.

Desk Days On End!
Such a fun day in a fun place!
Desk Days On End!
Sunshine feels so good – but that wind.  Bad hair day all around.

Desk Days On End!
NO thank you! LOL!
On to our next quilt shop:
Desk Days On End!

Desk Days On End!
And a departing customer offered to take our photo.
This sign says it all!

Desk Days On End!
This place has it ALL!

Desk Days On End!
Light, airy and so much variety.

Desk Days On End!
Nola, upping her luggage weight even before we leave for New Zealand!
This shop asked that we mask up while shopping and even provided masks since mine was in my backpack ready for my flight – back at the hotel in storage with the concierge until airport time.

Desk Days On End!

Vintage machines on display.
Truly a wonderful shop – and because they are in a business park type area there was ample parking, which is something hard to come by in Los Angeles.
Nearly a month has gone by already – so happy to have these memories with my friends.  May there be many more ahead!
And with that – I’m off and heading for more desk time at the QPO studio before quilters arrive this afternoon.
What do you have planned for your Wednesday?
Desk Days On End!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
We can start out a whole lot lighter if we will only let go of the things that weigh us down!
(Unless it’s the fabric. Never let go of the fabric!)
Have a great Wednesday, everyone!
Desk Days On End!