May 8, 2021

Creativity Within!

Creativity Within!
Creativity Within!
One of the things I really love to see (Besides the smiling faces, talking voices and loud laughter!) is the abundant creativity that flourishes when quilters (and knitters!) gather to spend a few days away from the world.
They have plotted and planned.  The have dreamed dreams, they have cut and kitted up, and packed as carefully as possible –
And once they start creating and sewing there is no stopping them!
This gorgeous bargello in progress arrived as a barely-begun UFO and is progressing rapidly – and there are still days ahead to get it done as this group is staying until Monday!
It is going to be so WOW!
Creativity Within!
Gorgeous ocean colors being assembled –
Much cutting, sewing, pressing, subcutting and PROGRESS happening!
Creativity Within!
Jeffrey is mixing up some Kaffe’s with grunge and solid black.
This is going to be STUNNING!
Creativity Within!
Denise has been paper piecing fans – aren’t they elegant?
Creativity Within!
Her table mate is also sewing big floral diamonds showcasing her love of Kaffe Fassett fabrics.
Those flowers are just radiant!
Creativity Within!
Kare is working on her NEXT big postage stamp quilt!
Her fabrics are so fun – there is everything in here, and each tiny square is a story in itself.
Creativity Within!
Quilt artist in residence!
Jerry arrived with a bundle of fabric, and set to work creating this beautiful landscape.
The mountains are freeform, with fabric manipulation and texture that you just HAVE to reach out and touch.
Creativity Within!
And then the thread play comes in and adds the wow!
This has been so exciting for me to watch – as a traditional scrap quilter who sees things in triangles and squares – My little patchwork grids march along, but this creation is like a dance – it flows.

Creativity Within!
Showing the thread play on the back.
It looks like a night scene highlighted by neon lights!
Creativity Within!
And yes, he does triangles and squares in a traditional way, too!
This was a group challenge, simply pairing a “light” to a “dark” and trying to not overthink things – the layout was up to each person once units were made from exchanged fabric pieces.  They all turned out different!
While all of this activity was going on inside the Quilting Quarters – I was next door.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time in front of my computer screen – it’s time to put some finishing touches on the next PDF pattern release, coming toward the end of next week.
The thing I’m waiting for the most?  Good weather for photography.  Wind and rain and cold temps have plagued us this week –
This morning I woke to pounding rain – torrents – at around 4am.  My fingers are crossed that better weather will come in the next week so I can get this job done.
Creativity Within!
This job only made a little headway last night!
I could only bind as far as I could reach – there was no turning the quilt or rearranging her in my lap.
That look says it all!
Creativity Within!

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This morning I am easing into my Saturday with just a handful of book orders to get out. Hopefully there will be some sewing time – and if the rain and wind hold off, there may be a hike with folks from the Quilters of the Night.
How about your own weekend ahead?
Don’t forget that we still have a IronEZ Gift-Away happening on Thursday’s post. Click to THAT POST to enter! Winners will be drawn for on Tuesday.Creativity Within!
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To the moms and grandmoms – have a WONDERFUL mother’s day.  If you are an aunt, friend, sister who also mothers others – this includes you too!
To the moms of fur babies – I hope they thank you for all you do with loads of kisses and cuddles.
For those remembering the mothers and grandmothers and other special folks who are no longer with us, may your memories draw them near enough to feel their love.
Creativity Within!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –

Keep on shining like you do – and be kind to yourself, too! 
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone – catch you back here on Monday!

Creativity Within!