April 6, 2021

Cats on the Quilts!

Cats on the Quilts!
Cats on the Quilts!

Quilts and/or fabric are CAT MAGNETS!
And while some folks are “Oh, the cat hair!” (And I get it – folks are allergic – true) I just grin and accept it as every other kind of dirty thing in our lives from dust to pollen to laundry to dishes to dirt being tracked up the stairs –
In some ways, I get what the cats feel and why they do what they do.
Is there anything better than petting the fabric?  Than snuggling down into a newly completed quilt?  or even a well washed, well worn to shreds older version?
Cats on the Quilts!
So much for my photography attempt!
What’s in this batting? Catnip?

Cats on the Quilts!
She knows a good thing when she feels it!
It was a day of computer graphics and computer time in getting Catching Rainbows ready to release as a printable PDF pattern mid-April!  It’s coming up soon!
I have been waiting for all of the brown yucky scenery to change to green – to take some PRETTY photos somewhere.
But until those glamor shots happen, there is a lot of work that can be done just by having the quilt where I can see it, 
Which means Lola can see it – just for her, all for her – and take over she does!  Click to Play:

Lola, you win! I give up!
Cats on the Quilts!

Until those pretty outdoor photos can happen, this is where Catching Rainbows will be as I work behind the scenes.
Most of yesterday was spent at my desk.  But it wasn’t bad – as temps reached 70 degrees I threw open a couple of windows and let the fresh air replace all of the stale old winter air that remained.
Dinner was served outside on the cabin porch for the first time of the season.
And by evening time:
Cats on the Quilts!
More cat on quilt action –
This time IVY while I was attempting to bind the monster!

Cats on the Quilts!
As usual – on top of my legs – near my feet.

Cats on the Quilts!

And pretty soon it wasn’t just IVY –
It’s ZOEY under the quilt, IVY on top, both snoozing away.
It was about this time that i gave up – I needed to rotate the quilt to the next side, and I just couldn’t do that to them!
Cats on the Quilts!

Yes – so glad I chose the purple!
I am about 2/3 the way down the 3rd side.  It’s getting there, actually faster than I thought it would.
And I am so glad.  It’s gotten baggy shaggy and unruly just over the past couple of weeks.
Like all of a sudden it is in my face, in my eyes and time to take care of it.
Some errands will happen, but I should be back to my desk by mid-afternoon.
How about your Tuesday ahead?
Are you out in your garden?  Are you sewing on something fun?
Oh – I did want to share this – I thought it was so thought provoking.
Cats on the Quilts!

I especially love the “Don’t wait for a rainy day to use that yardage that you have been saving for a special occasion. Every day is a special occasion.”
I have been feeling the same for what feels like many years now.  So much accumulation – yet it makes me happy.  Pressing fabric, cutting fabric, piecing the quilt tops, quilting the quilt, binding – it all makes me happy.
I also feel the tug of not wanting to leave my sons to deal with all of this stuff – so I’ve minimized what I bring home to my sewing space, trying to use all I have instead.  
But that can sometimes be daunting, and so I bring home new pieces here and there to sew in right away…..
Oh, and my love of neutrals…..
Thanks for putting this all into words, Robyn!  You are not alone!
Please feel free to share your own thoughts about this topic in the comments section below. Let’s get a good discussion going.
Cats on the Quilts!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
How often do we fail to notice the small simple pleasures while waiting for that big and momentous what-ever-it-is to come our way? 

Today acknowledge the tiny joys that add up to a wonderful day! 
Cats on the Quilts!