February 19, 2021

Blue Triangles of Happiness!

Blue Triangles of Happiness!
Blue Triangles of Happiness!
The ice storm adventures of February 2021 continue!
The power outages and generator kick-ons I talked about yesterday, well – through the day it only happened TWICE, and both times in the morning.
The longest the Generac ran was about 2 hours while I was blog-writing yesterday.
Mid morning, the power blipped one more time, and stayed off for about 20 minutes.
We have enough propane to last until Monday, as long as the power stays on.
So yes, in a way, we are still playing the waiting game but temps are rising and by Monday the propane truck should be able to navigate our steep (and formerly icy) drive  and fill our tank!
This tray of triangles was my focus yesterday as I binged first Crime Scene on Netflix, and then set in to watch Sinner, which has 3 seasons.  The jury is still out on whether I will continue with that one, but it is getting more interesting the further I go.
Blue Triangles of Happiness!
Using some fun Aussie fabrics I received as a gift!
If it’s blue – in it goes!
I am using my Essential Triangle Tool to cut these – (sizes will be included in the pattern) and they are coming out wonderfully.
I am throwing in loads of novelties that would be harder to use in a more “formal” quilt, and the mix is making me happy.  
Remember, the objective of this quilt is “I need to be able to close the blue strip drawer!” 
Blue Triangles of Happiness!
Not sure how many are in the bin –
And I know I’ll need to cut more along the way.
Last night during my phone chat with dad, I pressed a long chain-pieced length of triangles, and snipped dog ears.
It occurred to me that dusting the living room was also something I could do that wouldn’t make a bunch of noise that would bother his hearing aids while we chatted – but naaahhhhh…..what fun is dusting?
I also took about an hour and really de-linted and oiled/lubed my machine.  She needed a spa day!  She’s been working hard over the past many weekends and sew-days.
She is now purring like a kitten!
Blue Triangles of Happiness!
Afternoon in the kitchen!
My favorite go-to for cookie baking is Old Fashioned Oatmeal Chocolate Chip.  You’ll find them under the recipes tab at the top of the blog.
Nothing makes an ice storm better than a batch of hot fresh cookies in the afternoon!
Blue Triangles of Happiness!

Ice on the tonneau cover on the back of Dave’s pick up.
He shattered it just for fun, when just before dinner things were safe enough for us to drive over to Quiltville Inn to check that pipes hadn’t frozen, and peek in on Lola, give her some loves and make sure all was good at the QPO.
Today’s high is 34, with a predicted high of 31 on Saturday – so we’ll not be much above freezing over the next few days.
One thing I can say about this winter – there is a lot of quilting going on!
I am really missing my walks and hikes and can’t wait for temps to reach 50 – 60 where I’ll be happy to be out there again.
Blue Triangles of Happiness!

The last stitch!
The Catching Rainbows quilt is complete!
And I’ll be waiting for a beautiful spring day for some better photo opportunities – not in ice, mud, cold, grey and dreary. So I can just let this one rest for a bit.  You’ll see it again in due time.  All of it!

I’ll be hitching a ride with the hubster to my van (still parked at the bottom of the drive) and make my way over to the QPO studio to get out what couldn’t go out yesterday.
Blue Triangles of Happiness!

Don’t forget that this is still going on!
Sale good through Feb 28th.
We are also still in the midst of a Gift-Away!
Our winner will receive:
And a Colorcopia fabric roll and Neutral String Time string pack from Irene at  Cotton to Quilts!
Irene also has other fabric offerings perfect for our Quiltville Quilts in the Cotton to Quilts online shop, so check it out!
Are you ready to enter? Head over to THAT POST and get your entry in.  Drawing to happen TOMORROW!
To our friends in Texas, and all across the country – stay safe! Please check in and let us know how you are doing.

Blue Triangles of Happiness!

Quiltville quote of the Day –

Boundaries! ⁣
When was the last time you analyzed and readjusted your own?
It’s healthy to do so!
During the last year of social distancing, I really have noticed (and taken note of) things that will not resume once life gets back to “normal.”
It has been a difficult year in many ways, but it has also shown me gifts I never knew I had.
Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!
Blue Triangles of Happiness!