October 27, 2020

Best winter duvets: High tog duvets for the colder months – cosmopolitan.com

Best winter duvets: High tog duvets for the colder months - cosmopolitan.com
Best winter duvets: High tog duvets for the colder months - cosmopolitan.com

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There’s never been a better time to snuggle down with a cosy winter duvet, but if you’re looking to invest it can be hard to know which type of duvet is best for you.

While feather and down duvets are undoubtedly warm during winter, they tend to be the heaviest option. Of course, this isn’t a a bad thing if you like the weighted feels (fans of weighted blankets are sure to find it reassuring) but some may prefer a more lightweight, synthetic duvet, which can offer the same tog without the weight.

Or, if you want to be as thrifty as possible, you could choose to invest in an all-seasons duvet, which uses clever technology to keep you warm in winter, and cool in summer.

Ready to get comfy? These are the best winter duvets to suit all tastes and budgets:

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1 Best winter duvet: Anti Allergy Duvet



If you have a tendency to feel itchy from dust mites in your bedding, or if you have particularly sensitive skin, you could be best opting for an anti-allergy duvet. This one is specially formulated to reduce microbial growth, and is a lovely 10.5 tog, making it great for both autumn and winter. 

2 Best winter duvet: Dorma Full Forever 15 Tog Duvet



For the very cold people out there, we’ve found you a 15 TOG duvet. This one is specifically designed to feel fuller for longer, and the covering is made from 233 thread count cotton. Treat yourself!

3 Best winter duvet: The Simba Hybrid® Duvet

Simba simbasleep.com


Simba’s genius duvet is literally the only one you’ll ever need, making it perfect if you’re living somewhere without much space for storage. The space-inspired fabric technology regulates your temperature, meaning it warms you through winter and keeps you cool in summer. Shoppers give it five stars, and so do we. 

4 Best winter duvet: Panda Bamboo Cloud Duvet

Panda dunelm.com


lIf sustainability is key for you, this is the duvet you’re looking for. Made from lightweight bamboo fabric that is environmentally and vegan friendly, it also has anti-allergy and anti-bacterial properties, and comes with a five-year guarantee. 

5 Best winter duvet: Chilly Nights Double Duvet

Slumberdown amazon.co.uk


Designed for the coldest of nights, this super warm 15 tog duvet is made with a lovely, soft hollow fibre filling. It’s machine washable too, which is always a bonus in our eyes. 

6 Best winter duvet: Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

John Lewis & Partners johnlewis.com


Ok, so we know this is a pricey option – but if you really want to treat yourself, you won’t find a more luxurious duvet.  Plus, not only is it super warm, it’s way lighter than you’d imagine. 

7 Best winter duvet: Duck Feather & Down 13.5 Tog Duvet



On the cheaper end of the scale is this M&S offering, which comes in a hefty 13.5 tog – guaranteed to keep even the chilliest of people nice and warm. 

8 Best winter duvet: New Zealand Wool Duvet



This natural duvet is a great option if you want something affordable and reliable. Filled with 100% Mitchell wool from New Zealand, it’s breathable, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic and regulates your temperature. 

9 Best winter duvet: the snug duvet 13.5 tog



Eve’s duvet acts like a cocoon, and is designed to feel like down – but without the feathers. Oh, and it case it didn’t look and feel bouji enough for you, the microfibre filling is mixed with cashmere. So fancy. 

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