April 9, 2021

And On To The Next…

And On To The Next...
And On To The Next...
I have a big baggie of bonus triangles.
This bag was a gift from someone – I’m not sure if it came in the mail, or if it was handed over with love while teaching a workshop or giving a lecture.
Maybe it was sent my way with tongue-in-cheek as if to say “HERE!  YOU do something with this!”
They are fairly small – I believe they are about the size that comes from trimming stitch & flip corners on the diagonal after sewing.  Maybe from 2 1/2” squares?
They are already right-sides-together – so – GAME ON!
And On To The Next...
And Lola says “Sure, go ahead.  I’ll watch!”
And On To The Next...
The bonus triangles became hourglass units surrounded by scrap strips, and wind up again in the very corners of the blocks.
Oh, this is going to be fun!
I drafted this block based on a courthouse steps log cabin (loosely) and so far have named it Cabin Corners.
This will likely be another “long term” project. Size yet to be determined.  If I burn out on it, it could be a wall hanging or topper.  If I like it and keep going, it could be somewhere around my standard of 70” x 90”. We shall see.
No pattern at this time – I just started playing.  No width of strips given – as I’m just playing.
But I think there may be some fun secondary designs happening when those red strips join each other!
And On To The Next...

This hilariousness arrived yesterday! LOL!
We’ve ALL had moments when we just need a break.  My family will now know when they need to give me that break and keep a wide berth!
This came through my news feed and I just had to have one.  If you want one too, you’ll find them in the Quilt & Sew Wear category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store or click the direct link HERE.
And On To The Next...
Someone has a new tool on Big Red!
Click to Play:

Way to go!
And On To The Next...
Standing in the parking area at the cabin –
Hello, down there!
It already has made such a difference.  I just hope he continues to love being out there doing stuff!
You loved the Winter Blues quilt I shared yesterday – here’s another!
And On To The Next...

This one is Amy Sheridan’s!
Instead of Winter Blues , Here Comes the Sun…my version in yellow and a bit smaller. Top finished, on to backing, batting, basting, quilting and binding!”
Well done, Amy! There is NEVER too much yellow!
Today’s big outing is a vet appointment for Miss Zoey Jo. Shots, flea/tick prevention, and a pawdicure! Whoowhooo!
I’ll be waiting for that 2 weeks post 2nd vaccination shot to get my own pedicure, and I can’t wait.
Bring on sandal season!
Anything planned for your Friday ahead?

And On To The Next...

Quiltville Quote of the Day –

Vintage spider web quilt found in North Carolina.
You are a work in progress! 

Never stop learning, never stop exploring the possibilities, never stop growing!
And On To The Next...