July 17, 2024

A Quick Post –

A Quick Post -
A Quick Post -
This is the space behind my machine at the QPO Studio – this desk is wide and deep and I like it that way!
I haven’t counted them yet – I just kind of like how they look here, all of those scraps playing so nicely together!
It’s fun watching them stack up while I work on the red/white/blue star blocks that have taken over.
A Quick Post -
All of this from recycled shirt fabrics?
Yes!  Click to Play:

A Quick Post -
I’m half way already! Maybe.
Why the push?
I’m nearly done with the hand quilting of my Ladder Star quilt.  There are only 6 1/2 blocks left to go. Something new needs to go into the hoop!
I’m on my way this morning to pick up Hubster Dave at Tri Cities airport in Blountville TN. He has been on a red-eye flight from Boise to Atlanta and as I type this he is waiting for his connecting flight that will bring him closer to home.
It’s 1 1/2 hours derive to the airport so I’m heading out at 9am to pick him up.
The dogs will be over the moon to see him, and so will I.
That’s why this post is a wee bit short.  Nothing to report, and I’m heading out the door.
A Quick Post -

I did do this and sent it off yesterday.

I’m nervous.  I’m excited. I know it may let skeletons out of closets that have been locked for years.
But I want to do this while both of my parents are still alive.
It’s going to be hard to wait the projected 6 weeks before results come in.
Have you done your DNA test?  Did you find anything surprising?  Are you glad you did it?
A Quick Post -

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
Up, at it, and adulting this morning!
Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

A Quick Post -