May 4, 2021

A Bit of Barn Quilt Love!

A Bit of Barn Quilt Love!
A Bit of Barn Quilt Love!
What measures 48” x 48” and holds ENDLESS QUILTY FRIEND LOVE?
A barn quilt painted with the star design from our Frolic mystery quilt!
I am thrilled beyond measure that the Texas Girls would not only think of such a thing – but MAKE such a thing – and then personally drive it all the way to Virginia.
It’s big, bold, and beautiful!

A Bit of Barn Quilt Love!
Stopped in my tracks for the presentation!
A Bit of Barn Quilt Love!
Oh my stars –
It’s a big FROLIC BLOCK!
A Bit of Barn Quilt Love!
And everyone signed it!
This means so much to me –
A Bit of Barn Quilt Love!
You girls are SO SNEAKY!

A Bit of Barn Quilt Love!
I may be permanently exhausted –
But also eternally happy and grateful!

A Bit of Barn Quilt Love!
Speech! Speech!  Let me make a speech!  LOL!
(Good gracious, when did I start to look so much like my grandmother!?)
It took a few days until we could get it hung – But it happened yesterday –
A Bit of Barn Quilt Love!

It is perfect here on the back porch!
I love how the aqua around the center star picks up the aqua in the porch ceiling.  
And it is in a place that is safe from the weather, where everyone can enjoy it through the warmer months as we use the porch for meal time a lot during the spring/summer/fall!
Thanks again, ladies – I will think of you every time I look at this outpouring of love.
A Bit of Barn Quilt Love!

For those asking how we hung it – We nailed a 1 x 1 slat to the side of the house, hanging the top of the barn quilt on that.  Then we secured the barn quilt to the 1 x 1 with a brad nailer.  

It’s very secure – it is not going anywhere.
And I’m glad I read the messages on the back side and got photos of the back – because that puppy is not coming off the wall!
A Bit of Barn Quilt Love!

Yesterday evening about 5pm!
The ice maker on the new fridge in the Quiltville Inn kitchen stopped working.  Last week the TN girls picked up a couple of bags of ice on their way in until we could get it fixed.
Quick turn around in between retreats didn’t leave much time to sort it out.
The filter light was on, so we thought that might be the thing – we got a new filter, installed it.  Water was running through the ice/water dispenser just fine so we left it to see if there would be ice in the morning.  NADA.
We turned the ice maker on and off from the inside, primed the little arm thing – and still NADA.
That meant we had to unplug the whole deal for 24 hours to see if we could thaw something that was frozen up, and we couldn’t do that with retreater’s food in the fridge so it had to wait until Sunday evening after everyone had left.
Last evening we went back over to plug it in again and cross our fingers – and that is when we saw this rainbow. BEAUTIFUL!  So maybe rainbows are a good sign that there will be ice this morning.
We shall see – and if there is not, then we have exhausted all options and will be calling a repair guy.
Please let there be ice this morning!
The Quilter’s of the Night arrive for retreat tomorrow afternoon and if it isn’t working, I’ll be headed to purchase more bagged ice.  It’s always something, isn’t it?
Entries are still coming in for our April Quilty Box Gift-Away, even though it’s now MAY! The drawing will happen TOMORROW, Wednesday, May 5th, 2021.  
Get your entry in ON THAT POST and perhaps the random number generator will draw YOU!
Today – fabric cutting for border ideas will be at the top of my agenda – the Rocky Road to Kansas variation quilt that I’m tentatively calling Rocky Road to Grayson was put together yesterday. (Photos to come!) and I have a border idea that will use up more of the yellow leftovers and finish the sashing/cornerstone design at the same time.
Anything fun up for your Tuesday?
A Bit of Barn Quilt Love!

Quiltville Quote of the Day –
Vintage applique quilt found in Wichita, Kansas circa 1930s.
Be like a persistent flower…push through that dirt and BLOSSOM!
May the 4th be with you!
A Bit of Barn Quilt Love!